Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Banana Grams

It is a game very similar to Scrabble, except you do not play on a board and each player completes his/her own Puzzle.  I often play this with Kris when I go to visit her.  I, as often, loose.  So.........I bought my own game and Stan and I play almost every night.  (It is good for old folks to keep their minds sharp.)  I also play it as solitaire.  Whatever I have to do to  someday beat Kris.  Lately Kris has been playing what she calls "theme" games.  Makes it harder for her and perhaps, just perhaps, I will have a chance to win one or two games.  Yesterday, I decided to play a theme game myself.  I was playing solitaire.  Makes it a little easier because you do not have to share tiles with another player.  I chose an easy theme too.  Can you see what it is?

Speaking of Kris, she had a consultation today.  I am sure I will mess it up and she will correct me, but if I understand right, the tumor has torn her lung loose.  Because it is not attached to her chest wall as it is suppose to be, she has been having troubles with fluid collecting and shortness of breath.  She does have a date for surgery, now she has to decide if she wants to go through it.  Of course her mother has an opinion, (that she has already shared) but ultimately the choice is hers and her families.  Prayers for wisdom and acceptance of whatever the decision and/or the outcome.


Kris said...

Lungs are free floating inside a lining. My tumors are weeping fluid which is pooling in the spaces between the lung and lining, collapsing my right lung. the procedure would be to fully collapse my lung, drain all fluid, then use a talc powder to "glue" the lung to the lining. Then, re-inflate the lung. All this to prevent fluid pooling, making it easier to breathe.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. So sorry to hear this. We will continue to keep everybody in our thoughts and prayers. Whatever the decision is, I am sure it will be with only good outcome. Wishing I could help in anyway I can.

Gramma 2 Many said...

I knew she could tell it like it really is:)

Wiley said...

No words, just thinking and praying for both of you.

Homestay Mama said...

That was an excellent--concise, yet very clear--explanation! Sounds easy enough, but undoubtedly there are also many risks. I am sure that God will make it very clear what you should do.
Hugs and Prayers!

Lil Miss Red T-Shirt said...

Looks fun! Never played the game like that.


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