Saturday, May 21, 2011

Today was Recital and Jr. Sr. Prom day.

 A very big day for Miss Olivia. #3317.  She was so excited and concentrated so hard to be sure she did not make any mistakes.  She was also so delighted to receive all of the flowers after the performance.
 Darius #1419 insisted Gramma take a picture of he and Papa this afternoon.  I was more than willing to accommodate him.
 Then it was off to take pictures of Shay, #3206 as she prepared for Jr. Sr. Prom
 Showing Seth who is the strong one here.
 Just plain cute:)
 At the top of the stairs looking down into the foyer
 Gramma can't help but wonder how long those shoes stayed on.
I am so thankful for family and that they like to have Gramma around:)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Last night, just as it was getting dark,

Stan saw a Rufus hummingbird feeding at or feeder,the first Rufus of the year.

They are so fine and delicate. Just another example of God's handiwork.

Still practicing with my new camera.  I do not have any children today.  Maybe I will go out and see what I can find to photo.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


Just want to thank all of my friends for the prayers for my sister Jacque.  
The news is not good.  Her cancer has reached stage 4 and is definitely not operable.
She developed a lot of pain in her chest over the weekend and when her daughter took her to the Dr. on Monday, they discovered she had developed pneumonia.  It is because of all of the probing they did on her lungs and stirring up crud in them.  I have finally gotten over the Bronchitis I have been fighting with for the past month and have just sent her an e-mail telling her I will be able to come stay with her on Tuesdays.
Still reeling from Mother's death, I am so not ready to deal with this right now.  But then, who is and just when is a good time?  Thanks to all of you, once again for the prayers.  Especially those for her salvation.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ben and Coopers weekend with Gramma and Papa (and cousins)

The best thing about Mom's new job is the flying privileges.  When she needed a sitter for the boys, it is just a couple of flights to get to Gramma's house.  Since they had to fly unaccompanied, their dad had to fly with them from Bethel to Anchorage. They were able to fly from Anchorage to Seattle and Papa picked them up at the airport. We had a great weekend and saw most of the cousins.  Sadly, I did not get all of the pictures I wanted to.  I headed out with my camera once on Saturday to catch some of the action with Gae cousins but was distracted and did not get back out.  They will be back for a longer visit in June, hopefully, and we will get to spend more cousin time together and get more pictures.  Cooper was so anxious to go to the beach, but I told him we would save it for a warmer summer day.  Just because it was warm to this little Alaskan, we down here just did not think it was warm enough for a dip in the lake!
The shoes came off and stayed off until it was time to put them back on and head to the airport.
If Coop did not have to wear them, than neither did Olivia.

They could hardly wait until

They could head off to Brystan's house 

Bry lives just two blocks from Gramma

This is a rock pile in the common area of our neighborhood.
Olivia is not allowed down there alone.   She was so happy to have a cousin here and have her reigns lengthened a  little.

Ben making a few dollars mowing the lawn for Papa

Mom was in training most of the week, but took a few days to go to Vegas with some friends from their old hometown.
A week is a long time, no matter how old you are.

Yep, Coop missed his mom too.

Bye, Gramma will see you in a couple of weeks

Monday, May 9, 2011

Last weekend, Miss Libby came to Gramma's and Papa's house

To help weed our garden beds.  She was going to camp with her fifth grade class and needed some spending money.
She dug out buttercups

Wallowed in the mud.

And just looked cute.

Happily, the sky was blue on that day.
She said that with what Papa paid her and what she already had, she had enough to buy a camp sweatshirt.
Hope you had lots of fun my darling.  Gramma loves you and you are an amazing hard worker.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Apple Blossom Parade.

There was the Seattle Police Motorcycle Drill Team

Our Veterans Presenting the Flag

Drill Teams

High School Bands

Pretty Princesses

Important People

A fall

A juggling clown on a unicycle.

Little People on little horses

Big people on big horses

More floats

And the entire two hour parade was capped off by a rainstorm:(

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Stan and I drove over to Wenatchee last night.

We are spending the weekend here.  Chasing the warm.
We went out for a drive and happened upon this house out between Wenatchee and Waterville.
Think we might put an offer on it.  He wants a fixer upper.

Love it in Sepia.


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