Thursday, April 25, 2013

Every once in the while a Thrift Shop trip ends in a great score.

Which is how I feel about this box I found at Value Village today. It has all of these drawers that are lined with a felt type fabric.

The top compartment is about 2 to 2 1/2 inches deep and also lined with the felt.

You can see that the outside of it is kind of splattered with paint.  The top is too.  Stan thinks I should be able to take it off with little damage with a razor blade. I really do not want to refinish it. I would like to keep the finish that is on it.
You can see that it also has a door that covers the drawers that locks.

When the door is opened, it slides under the bottom drawer and completely out of sight.
It is going into my sewing room. Perfect place to put all of my sewing tools that seem to be so tempting to little hands.  Found my good ginghers the other day with a straight pin wedged between the blades and a big nick in the blade.  I am thinking the top compartment will work well for my thread.
I have aabsolutely no idea what it's original use was. Do you have an idea?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Monday, April 22, 2013

I found this post in my drafts. I never posted it, so I thought I would tonight.

Saves coming up with a new subject tonight.
Our Love Story

I do not know that I have the fireworks type of love story, but I will tell you how we met.

July 29, 1962
July 10, 1965

July 10, 1990

We were 15 years old when we met. I baby sat for his sister who lived about one mile from my family. She and her husband owned a bodyshop in Lynnwood, about 15 or 20 miles from my home. Stan worked in the shop for his sister and her husband. Whenever I was babysitting for her, she would tell Stan she wanted him to come home with her to meet her "cute" babysitter. The night he finally did, my sister was babysitting. She delights in telling me she met him first. I gently remind her that I was the one he asked out. Since we were still 15 years old, I was not yet allowed to date, so we would hang out at his sisters house, with her. On my 16th birthday we went out to dinner and actually were inseparable from then on.

At some point in our relationship we realized that we were going to get married. We were married the year we turned 19. He was 19 on June 1st, we married on July 10th and I turned 19 on July 29th. This year it is 48 years.

Stan and I have had a very good marriage. We have actually been together for 3/4 of our life. We have had some very rough times and equally good times. Today, we fit like a pair of comfortable shoes. We like each other, we enjoy one another's company and we do not have extreme expectations of one another.

By saying we like each other, I do not negate our love at all. I have known many people who love one another yet do not like them. We have the best of both.

A heads up to my daughters and son who read this, it is only  TWO years to the big one. Time to plan a great surprise for your mom and dad:)

There is much more to write about us and our relationship. Maybe some day I will do so, but right now, this is our "Love Story" in a nutshell.
December 17, 2011

Do you have a love story to share?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

It is so cold and wet and dreary

But I am seeing some signs of spring.  Unfortunately, it is just to cold for me to go out in my yard to clean up the winter debris.  I am hoping and praying we get some warm soon.

My beautiful Cherry tree in full bloom.

I have never been real successful with my Hosta. 
Maybe this year.

My Clematis. A gorgeous white bloom with a very light lavender blush.  For some reason, it did not bloom last year. 
I am hoping it was just resting and will do better this 

What is more spring like than a boy in a tree?

Vinca under my swing.
 The gorgeous orange poppy my mother gave me years ago.  It has almost overtaken my yard, but I just cannot bear to pull much of it out.  I have given a few plants to some of my siblings, but to pull out just for the sake of being rid of them,  NEVER!!!

The miniature maple outside our bedroom window.
Oh, how I love Spring, the symbolism of the new birth and the promise of continued life.
It is God's promise to us of a continuation of His Creation.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Mama's sewing cabinet

A few months ago my brother Kevin gave me Mama's sewing machine and cabinet. Kris took the machine and did a few easy projects with it. After she went to heaven, Joseph gave it back to me. I kept the cabinet because Kris did not have room for it. I brought it into the house today because I needed something to put the plant that I am plant sitting for my sister on. I tipped it over when I was cleaning it and discovered these amazing wheels on the bottom. Unfortunately, one is broken, but I think I can replace it with a dowel that is drilled through. I put a small piece of tile under that corner to protect my floor from being scratched by the iron rod. It is all set up now with my sister's cactus on it.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Retreat time.

Since Krissy died, I have had a very difficult time going out and about. I truly would rather stay home where I know I am safe. I tend to melt into a puddle at any given moment. Just trying to write this makes me cry. I tell you this because my church had a retreat for the women last weekend. I did not sign up. I did not want to go. I absolutely hate crying in public. I do not want people thinking I do it for attention or sympathy. That is not why I do. I do it because my heart is broken and the hole is still huge and raw.
My friend Marlene kept encouraging me to go and I kept telling her I wanted to stay home. One Sunday, after service the Pastors wife stopped me and asked me to do the centerpiece decorations for the Tea Party on the last day of the retreat.

The grounds at the Retreat Center I went to over the weekend.

I looked at her rather strangely and said I would if I decided to go. I came home and mulled it over for a while, thinking it rather strange of her asking when I had not even signed up. I mentioned to my husband that I was feeling a bit like I was being ambushed, telling him what had transpired after church.  His reply was that it would be good for me to go. On the following Thursday, I also mentioned to my friend Marlene that I was feeling ambushed. She looked at me and said, "Well, you are going." Again I argued that I had not made up my mind to go.
I will admit it was very restful.

It was then that she told me that "someone" had signed me up and paid for me to go.  I almost lost it.  I told Marlene that no one needed to sign me up or pay for me.  If I decided to go, I could afford to pay for myself and that there are several women in the church who probably would like to go but are staying home because they could not afford it. Needless to say, I was very frustrated. I fumed all afternoon until it hit me that the someone was Stan. When he came home and I confronted him, he tried to play dumb but I was on to him. I did tell him I wished he had asked me first.  His answer, "It will be good for me." I resigned myself, I was going.
The finished Tea Party table.
So, with a week to go before the retreat, I started thinking centerpieces. There is a lady in our church who has always done all of the decorating. Because of her husband's health she was not going this year. I did not want to replicate her style so I started thinking and searching for a different idea. That is when I found the stacked tea cup idea.
Close up of the centerpiece.

They were a hit. I will admit also, that the retreat was very restful. It was nice to not have to worry about what needed done at home. AND............the food was good :)

Miss Abigail Evalina Gae being baptized.

But the highlight of my weekend~~~~?? My Granddaughter Miss Abigail Evalina Gae made a public proclamation of her faith by being baptized! A total surprise to her Gramma. One that delighted her no end.

P.S. I did break down. I did melt into a huge puddle and my dear friends Mary and Claudia held me while I did. And yes, I was totally humiliated and mortified.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

It has taken a while

I just did not seem to find the time to draw a name.  Olivia just came down to tell me hello. She lives about 8 houses down the block from me.  We took a moment and she put on these fingerless mittens I made and drew a name.  I want you all to know she wrote the names out herself so the spelling may not be exact but you can still tell who it means.
So without further ado, would the person whose name is shown on this picture please contact me with her address so I can send her the mittens Olivia is wearing?
Thanks for your comments and for following my blog.
Stay tuned, I may find another reason to celebrate sometime soon!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Centerpieces for Ladies Retreat

From an assortment of white porcelain cups and saucers.
Buy at Goodwill.
To this

To this.  I will add a colorful little nosegay on the day of our tea.
Found it on Pinterest. Isn't it cute?
Add caption

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How busy can one weekend be?

It began on Thursday morning when I went to Abby's school to watch her in her command performance as the Mayor of  WhoVille. 

To Friday when Levi became Levi Dallas Gae. Grand child # 6621.  All of our Grands have a number. The first number is the number order of our child.  #6, his mother is our 6th child. #6, he is her 6th child. #21, Levi is our 21 Grand.

On Saturday, the Gae family had Levi dedicated to the Lord and into the family.

Afterwards we partied!! Gina and her sister Karyn prepared a huge circus party for everyone. Included was the most popular attraction.................A photo booth!

Where Gramma could be silly with her bother and sisters............

And cousins could act as silly as they wanted.................

It did not matter if you were a big kid or a little kid.

Levi in his droopy monkey britches Gramma knit for him.  He refused to wear anything different on  Saturday.  He also wore them on Friday for his adoption ceremony.

To Resurrection Sunday when the family gathered for one more party :)

Dinner at our house is always a huge undertaking with at least 30 people attending.

We love each other and cherish our time together.  Especially in light of recent family events.

Cousins loving the beginning of the fourth generation in our family.  My great grandson  Jayce.
This was the centerpiece in front of the alter where Levi was dedicated.  I found it very poignant.  It pretty much told it all.

I noticed that this is post number 700! I never thought I would be around this long.......blogging, that is.
Have to have a give away to celebrate.
I do not know yet what the prize will be, but I promise it will be nice.
How do you win?
Comment, share, follow.  Let me know you were here and that you shared with your friends.That is easy isn't it? We will use the very scientific method of putting names into a hat and having a Grand pull out the name of the winner.
I really love hearing from you and hope you do not comment just one time, but that you come to visit often.  We can pretend we are sitting on my front porch having an old fashioned neighbor visit.
So come on, join in and let's get to know one another.
I will keep this offer open until Friday April 5. Closing at 6 P.M. Pacific time.


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