Saturday, January 29, 2011

I have had a few

People ask me about my friends.  I really do not have much to share.  News is so sketchy between here and there.  I was able to get a donation of enough money from a local church to be able to transport Pastor Mwene's body from Mwanzw to Kigoma and then back to Congo.  A church in Dar es Salaam donated money for his wife to travel and meet him in Kigoma, which is on the far Western border of Tanzania.  It is right on Lake Tanganika.  The Congo border is on the Western side of the lake.  The last news I received is that the people were able to receive permission to leave the refugee camp and escort Pastor Mwene's body by boat to his home city in Congo.  Apparently with permission to leave, they will be allowed to return.  Pastor Mwene has several children so my worries about his wife may have been unfounded.  She will be able to remain with them in the camp.  Living in Dar es Salaam was hard at the best, living in the camp will be very difficult for her.  She has not been well for as long as I have known her, often struck down by debilitating headaches. I do not know how much more I will hear.  I will need to make a new contact for my knitting project though.  I am sure the Church in Dar es Salaam will be kept going, God willing.
As I said in an earlier post, I will continue to knit and wait upon The Lord to direct me.  We may still be building in Dar es Salaam, or He may have other plans.  I will continue to covet and welcome your prayers as I continue to endeavor to remain faithful to His plan.

Friday, January 28, 2011

I am late with my entry

because I really did not think I had anything to contribute this week.  I did find these on my computer though.  They are not from this week, they are last weeks.  Oh, well, sometimes you win and sometimes ....................
Darius helping Dad tile Grammas downstairs bedroom floor.

No Gramma, I do not want to go to the store with you, I am helping Dad.

Finished and I love it!  This was the last room (almost) in our downstairs tiling project.  I still have vinyl on the floor in my craft closet.  I would like to tile it also, but will have to wait until it is Stan's idea.  I have planted the seed, now I just have to wait for it to sprout.

Abigail and Elizabeth as Swamp things in Missoula Children's Theater presentation of  The Frog Prince.

Jonah as a fly trap.
This was a very enjoyable way to spend last Saturday evening.  The kids did a great job.

A skirt, shorts outfit I finished.

Elizabeth modeling a pair of fingerless mittens I knit.

Another fingerless mitten set.  Shay claimed these as I was knitting.  I allowed her to get away with it because, after all, she turned 18 this month.
Maybe, just maybe, I will have a more exciting week next week:)  Thanks for stopping by though.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Invisiline Contest

A great contest over at this site.
I have entered it it the grand hopes that my grandson Jesse will be the lucky recipient.


Friday, January 21, 2011

A new blog

Knitting for Tanzania.
I will be highlighting my knits on this blog.  I hope to have a button for it soon and will be most grateful for those of you who will be willing to post it on your blog.

Fab Five Friday

My dear sweet friend Frizzy, of Frizzy and the Bird fame is hosting a picture share on her blog Heavens Gift.
I can in no way even begin to meet her quality of photography, but I still wanted to share the few shots I have been able to take lately.  These are pictures that were either taken after my computer crashed, or I still had them on my camera.  I really did not get out this week to take pictures, just could not drag myself out into the rain to do it:)  Be sure to go visit Frizzy and ooooh and aaaah over her lovely pictures and click on others who may be joining in also.
Waiting for Spring.

Mt Baker in Northwest Washington. Near the Canadian border.  About 100 miles north of my home.

 Darius, #1419, taking advantage of a break in the rain.

Signs of Spring.  My Cherry tree in bud

Another sign of Spring.  New life in my strawberry pot.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mwenebolongo is

Resting in the arms of the Lord.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Dear Friend

Mwenebolongo, who I am trying to help build his church in Tanzania, is very ill!!!
Please keep him in your prayers.  I do not have any real details about his illness, just that he needs immediate prayer.  I am very frightened for his dear wife if he does pass.  He has the assurance of his salvation, but Motoko will be a widow in a country that widows are not cared for.  She will most likely lose her home and property and be forced to return to Congo.  Once Mwene is gone, there will be no reason for the Government of Tanzania to allow her to remain.  Her refugee status will become once again active.
I have been spend much of the day asking God what he wants me to do if He takes Mwene home.  I am getting the answer that I am to continue with my project.  If God does not want me to use it to help build a church, in His time, he will show me what he wants me to do with it. God's money will never go to waste.
Mwene and Motoko's picture is on my sidebar, so you can see who you are praying for.
I thank all of you for your care, concern and support, for Mwene and the Church Project.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Oh how I fought with the pattern, but the end results were beautiful~

Not a real clear picture, I was trying to capture the detail of the pattern

My friend Joyce gets to choose which she likes most.  The others I will sell.  I have a favorite, am waiting to see if it is the same as hers.

Arlington High School colors.

Candy Corn

Baby Bumble Bee

My favorite yarn Spud and Chloe
What does one do when one's computer is out of commission?  One knits:)  I finished the sweater I had fought with for so long.  The finished product was absolutely beautiful.  If I were to EVER make it again, it certainly would not be in the round and I would have to rework the charts.  My friend picked it up on Friday and according to Stan loved it. (Right Barb?)
The blue and yellow hats were knit for a friend.  She had ordered it in the fall and I did make her one.  The colors were not exactly what she had expected, so it went home on the head of a grandchild.  I am hoping these colors suit her more.  I knit four so she could choose one she likes.
The baby socks are just to replenish my supply and the hat because I think they are so stinking cute:)
Currently I am working on a lovely pair of fingerless mittens and then on to a darling baby dress that the designer so kindly donated the pattern to me for my project.  Those little random acts of kindness mean so much.  I am really excited to get started on it:)
So...........I really had a productive week while I was computerless.  Guess I should discipline myself to only an hour of computer time so I can continue to make inroads with my knits.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I cried yesterday

They were selfish tears.  Not because of Arizona, not because of not feeling well, not for anyone or anything except me.  Last week my computer died on me.  Fortunately, it was still under warranty.  I spent almost an entire afternoon with a tech from HP trying to fix it remotely.  She could not do it, so I packed my trusty little lap mate up and sent her off for repair.  I paid extra to have the repairs expedited and to have HP collect and save two years worth of pictures.  She was returned to me yesterday in like new condition.  Exactly like new.  NO pictures were saved, none of my patterns I had collected, nothing at all.  She was naked, stark naked.  I had to reinstall virus protection and all of my favorites.  I did not mind doing that, after all I had my precious computer back in my arms.  What she did not have with her was my pictures!!!!!  The virus/worm that infected her had already deleted all of those things.  Sad thing is that I had been telling myself for a couple of weeks to get my pictures off of my computer.  It was a project for this month, you know, after the rush of the holidays.  The tech at HP told me that even though I have a very good virus protection, it is not, unfortunately infallible.
All I have to say to the A$$%@!!# who has enough time on his hands to create these nasty creatures is: Get off of your lard ass and get off of welfare and get a real job!!  If you were working at something respectful and constructive you would not feel the need to destroy what is not yours.
Guess I had better go buy that external hard drive now so this does not happen to me again.
The tears are dry and it is time for me to get on with life.  I am so thankful for the few pictures I have posted here and on FB in the past two years.  I do not have all of them, but at least I have a few.


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