Monday, November 29, 2010

What happens when a boy is downstairs and Gramma is upstairs.

He is trying to match his camo clothes.

Mad at gramma for scrubbing his face

Green bath water.  Most of it washed off of the boy.  Darius #1419
Glad he did not get  a hold of the sharpies:)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My beautiful Mama

 About 1947 as I am at least 14 or 15 months old here
1959. Mama is in the very back. I am at her right front, nearly blocking her with my big hair.

This is in the "70's" sometime.

2005.  Our last dinner together before my brother Daniel entered the Monastery. He is now Father Nathaniel

Not sure of the year.  I think this was take at my Nephew's wedding.


A favorite picture.  Taken about a month ago.  My daughter Kris is with her.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall Scapes

Cornstalk Scarecrows my brother made out in his garden

My Wysteria changing color

The Cherry Tree in the corner of my yard.

I planted this weeping willow from a branch I took from my Uncle's 50 year plus tree.

A flicker in Mother's yard.  There was some creature in the bird house that he was fighting with.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

October Birthdays

Darius James, #1419 celebrated his third birthday on October 3rd.  It really does not seem that it has been that long since he was born.  It has been three years of wonder, watching this boy grow and become an active member of this family. He is a constant joy to his Gramma.  For a three year old he has a wit and sense of humor to rival any one of the family. 
Caleb  is his Gramma's Hero.  He hates it when I call him that.  He tells me he has never done anything to be called hero.  Little does he know.  He has fought his way through some serious troubles with his health.  This year he is up on par with all of his classmates in fifth grade and that has been no small task.  Yes Caleb, you are a Hero and Gramma will think that all of her life.  Caleb #6212 turned 11 on October 8th.

Olivia #3317 celebrated her 6th birthday on October 15.  Six years old means you are a kid and no longer a baby.  She did tell me though that if I want to still call her Baby I can.  I do and I do.  Probably will until she walks down the aisle.  She has been my sidekick continuously since she was 6 weeks old.  It has been a hard year adjusting to her being in school full time.  It helps that I spend time with mother, otherwise I would be so lonely.

All three of you always remember, Gramma loves YOU the MOST!!
Three of my totally amazing sons in law also celebrated birthdays this month.
Joseph, who is married to my daughter Kris, celebrated his birthday on October 18th.
David, who is married to my daughter Angie, celebrated his birthday on October 22nd.
Sebastian, who is married to my daughter Gina, celebrated his birthday on October 30th.
I am very proud to call each of these amazing men son.  You all know I Love You the Most!
Happy Birthday, and I am forever thankful that God directed you to our family.


I finally finished them!! When I finished the above dress, I knew that it needed a perfect pair of tights to go with it.  After many starts and stops with hurdles along the way, I finished them last night.  If you saw last nights post, you may have seen that I had a small problem with them then.  I was knitting along happy that I was nearly finished when I held them up to look (admire) and discovered that I was knitting the last sock on backwards!!! I certainly was thankful I had just started it.  Rip it, rip it, rip it, and start the sock over.  I really wish I had a tiny grand daughter to wear it.  Since I do not, it will be a nice addition to my fund for the church.
Dress, $60.00. Tights $ 35.00.  I will ship for free:)

Sometimes it

Doesn't even pay to try.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Rosebrook Family circa 1981 or 82

Bryan, Karyn, Evy, Stan, Angie, back row
Gina, Tricia, Kris, front row
Obligatory dog, Bandit
(Doesn't every family have one?  At least he isn't licking himself.)

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Last night Stan was using my laptop and a McAffee warning came up.  Without reading it, he hit block.  It was something to do with my Google Chrome.  Now I cannot get onto Chrome at all.  I uninstalled it and tried to reinstall to no avail.  I got a warning and I clicked on allow and it still will not install.  I am next to computer illiterate and do not know what to do!!!  Any ideas?  I hate the Windows internet explorer my computer has defaulted to.   I had everything on Google, just a click away.  Now I have to enter every thing I want to look at.  Not fun:(

I think I will go buy some yarn.  
That always makes things better.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I knit this little dress this summer.

I absolutely love it.  It cost me close to $24.00 for the yarn.  I had enough yarn left over that I thought I could get another hank and knit some tights to go with it.
I do not have a tight pattern that I wanted to use so I started improvising.  I work on the tights intermittently, between other projects.
So.................I picked them up tonight to work on them.  This is what I found!!!  Some little person, (I am thinking my darling #1419 otherwise unnamed to protect him if he is innocent.  He is three years old though.) took a pair of scissors and cut the yarn.  Not only on the outside of the $12.00 skein, but he put them inside the middle and snipped too!!
I am hoping there is enough yarn that I can finish the project without having to continuously stop and work in loose ends.
I am hearing some of you saying I should not have left it down.  But.......when you are knitting, you want it to be available when you have a moment or two to sit down and knit.  Could have even put the scissors up, but again, they were in my knitting basket.  Available when I am knitting so I do not have to get up and go search.
Guess I just need to be a little more strict when they play in the area that I keep my basket.  Which, by the way is in the corner between my two couches, not right out in the open.  Maybe it should be out in the open, seems it a little to easy to crouch down and snip, snip, snip.


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