Thursday, August 22, 2013

Knowing you are in God's will

The post before this one, I talked about my upcoming trip to Africa.  Actually, I will probably be talking about it a lot as time goes by.
So, how do I know I am in God's will?
Let me tell you!
On Sunday, our family held their First Annual Semi Annual baby shower.  We have a huge family and babies are coming faster than we can throw baby showers together. So we just took last Sunday to honor 6 new babies.  Three are here and three are yet to be born.  We had a great time, enjoying babies, each other, the food and the sun.  I did not take any pictures though. Guess I was having to much fun. But, before I left home, I felt the need to load up my dresses and my knits and to take them with me.  I fought back and forth with myself over it and finally came to the conclusion that I was being directed to take them, that I needed to be obedient. After all of the mommies opened their gifts and we were relaxing and chatting, I brought out my dresses and knits.
I explained to my family about the Dress a Girl project and how I was looking for sponsors for all 1000 dresses I plan to take with me to Tanzania.  I had 12 dresses with me and every one of them was sponsored. I also sold one of my hats to a young woman that came as a guest of my sister. I left the party with $200.00 in my pocket and a song in my heart!!
Through out the week, I have gotten pledges of more money and received a check in the mail for $100.00. I also got an e-mail from a classmate from high school who currently lives in Florida.  She said she has been feeling a burden for the little boys and instead of buying and sending me clothes she planned to send me a check. I truly feel God has directed this project and am trusting that it will go all the way. To Him is all the Praise and Glory!
 These pictures were taken at the refugee camps I visited four years ago.
 The kids followed me around asking me to take pictures of them.
 Those who have survived are now four years older, but still in desperate need.
 I have to do all I can to help them. I pray you will want to join me in my efforts.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Not a Wordless post, but Very Important to Me............Africa trip and Dress a Girl around the World

Dress a Girl Album on Face Book
My Africa trip is just a year away and I still need LOTS of money

I am taking a page from the book of another Dress A Girl seamstress who just made a trip to Uganda. She offered her dresses for sponsorship. I will soon be setting up a page with pictures of dresses that you will have the opportunity to sponsor.
Here is what we will do, you can choose as many dresses as you would like to sponsor. Let me know which one(s). Sponsorship will be $15.00 for one dress and $25.00 for two, so you could sponsor four for $50.00. With your sponsorship, you can send me a picture of you or your family, whatever and a short note of encouragement to the child that will receive your dress. I will place them with your dress for the child. You could possibly enclose a very small trinket if you wish. I will stress though, very small.
Payment can be made by sending me a check made payable to Bryant Community Church with a notation in the memo portion. Africa project.
I also have a pay pal account that you can use if you prefer. However, by sending it to the Church, you will be able to write it off as a donation.
I hope to take 1000 dresses with me, so conceivably we could take $15,000.00 with us. Just think of the church we could build in Congo in honor of my friend Reverend Mwenebolongo and................all of the other help we can do with it! I am stoked and I pray you will be as well 

This is one of the dresses I make for the Dress A Girl project.  This one is made from fat quarters. I used four different prints for this particular dress.  It has been sponsored, but if you click on the link above, you can see pictures of some of the other dresses I have made.  Some have already been donated, and some are still available for sponsorship.  I will be making a new page where the dresses that are available for sponsorship will be featured. Please visit and donate as you are led to.
Thank you all!

Saturday, August 3, 2013


I was down in Marysville this week, so I took advantage of having no Grands with me to stop at Value Village.  Thank you Marlene for talking me into giving up my prejudice against that particular store. Now I can't stay out of if.  I think my pocket book may have been better off, had I not listened to you. 
Well, anyway, I have this darling little cookie jar that my daughter Tricia bought me several years ago.  I absolutely love it. I cringe every time a child touches it. I am so worried one of them will drop the lid on my granite counter and break it.  Oh the hold possessions takes on one! Anyway, there was a time it was nearly always full of chocolate chip cookies.  Not so much any more. My granddaughter Breanne still checks every time she comes over though.  I should surprise her and fill it up again.

So, at Value Village this week, what should pop out at me but this sweet tray to serve my chocolate chip cookies on!! Of course I had to have it!  It called my name and I could not put it down.  I think I may get a hanger and hang it on the wall beside my jar.  It is just too cute!
I really do like kitchy kitchen things. My cupboards are filling up and one day my girls will be going through it wondering why I ever bought the things I have poked away for my enjoyment.
I am just a small time hoarder.
I am planning a luncheon with my lady friends next month and I really do think sweet little treats on this dish will be a part of the table.


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