Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Where Does the time go?

I cannot believe it has been over a month since I have been here.  I love blogging, I just find myself with so many irons in the fire these days that blogging has taken a back seat to everything else.
I am deep into fund raising for my upcoming trip to Africa.  I have a tentative date of November 2014 set for it.
I have a goal of taking 1000 dresses with me for the little girls I meet while I am there.  I sew with an organization called Dress a Girl International. Their goal is that every little girl should have a pretty dress.  We make very simple dresses and we give them wherever we see a need. In a third world country, one of our little dresses may also act as an insurance policy for the child wearing it.  Often children are stolen and sold into the sex trade.  It is known that little girls wearing the dresses we sew are less likely to be stolen because they look like they have someone who cares for and would miss them.

In my desire to take 1000 dresses with me, I have had a website created giving you the opportunity to sponsor as many dresses as you would like for the little girls in Tanzania and Congo where I hope to be traveling. Dresses for sponsorship
If I am able to sponsor all 1000 dresses, I will be able to take between 12 and 15 thousand dollars with me to fund the projects I am connected with over there.
One of my current ideas is to present fashion shows highlighting the dresses I will be taking with me. I would love to have the opportunity to do so at ladies luncheons and parties in the coming year. I can do this easily here in the Pacific Northwest, but am also willing to travel outside of my comfort zone to do so.  I have the ability to fly for free so I can go almost anywhere I am asked to come.  Perhaps you would consider hosting a "fashion show" at one of your future luncheons.  You can contact me through my website.  My phone number is there.

Below are three dresses I will be taking with me.  Just a sample of what is available for sponsorship.


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