Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 2 of Blogtober Fest

Stan and I drove over to visit Kris today. She lives on the Kitsap Peninsula and Stan and I live about 60 miles North of Seattle. 
 These bridge pictures are of the new (on the left) and old (on the right) Tacoma Narrows Bridge
 Short of taking the ferry across Puget Sound, this is the connection to the Peninsula.  If you have ever heard the song They Call the Winds Mariah, it is a song about a wind storm that hit Washington State  in 1940.  It was so strong, that it caused what is called harmonic tremors on the original Tacoma Narrows bridge, which collapsed into the sound below.  Fortunately, no one was on the bridge. The Bridge was called Galloping Gertie by the construction workers because they noticed how the bridge deck would sway up and down in wind conditions. She was only 4 months old when she collapsed.  The replacement bridge was not built until 1950.  The new eastbound bridge was finished in 2010.  When the bridges were built in 1940 and 1950, they were the third longest suspension bridges in the world.  Stan is a destination driver.  He does not slow down for me to take pictures, so I have learned to take them through the windshield of the car.
 Stan, Kris and I were happily playing Banana Grams when Joseph came inside and suggested we do something together.  He prefers to be outside.  I asked we do something so I could take pictures.  We settled on taking their boat out for a while.  We headed North from their home to Poulsbo. These are pictures I snapped as we sped up the Sound.
 There were plenty of big beautiful homes along the shoreline, but I found this one to be quite unique. I love the ivy growing on it.
 A sailboat in the harbor as we were coming into Poulsbo.
 The marina at Poulsbo.
 Several seals were lounging around the docks.  They looked quite content.
 My grandson Andrew tying us up at the dock.
 We went for a little walk uptown.  Kris is a real trooper and does not complain, but I think it was a bit much for her.
 There were many unique shops along the way, but I really liked this one.
 A seal in the harbor.
 This is a jelly fish that was in the water along the dock.
 I just snapped this picture as we were headed home.  I would love to be able to make the same trip in a few weeks when the trees turn color.
 A stairway from someones home down to the beach.  They would certainly make for a good workout if you did them every day.
 Bremerton is the home of the Puget Sound Navel Shipyard.  Many ships are in moth balls here, as well as under repair.
It was a fun afternoon and brought to mind the times I begged Stan for a boat.  He does not really enjoy the water so it never happened.  Hmmmm, I don't enjoy the snow but he has skis. Oh well, I will just ask Joseph for rides a little more often:)  We got back to their house at about 5:30, spent a while thawing out, had dinner and came home.
Thanks Joe, Kris and Andrew for a great afternoon.  Love you.


Frizzy said...

Sounds like an absolutely PERFECT day. Loved the pictures and that house is to die for. On the water no less. Don't you wish you could just pop in and take a peek?

Gramma 2 Many said...

Absolutely. I think it would be filled with antiques. Fine ones.


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