Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Breitbart.tv » Newly Discovered: Community Organizers Appear to ?Pray? to President-Elect Obama

Breitbart.tv » Newly Discovered: Community Organizers Appear to ?Pray? to President-Elect Obama

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For some reason, the video is not posting.
This is far to important for any of us to miss. Click on the address above and watch what is happening. Be sure to turn you volume up, you do not want to miss a thing.
My only prayer is God have mercy on us and this once great nation you entrusted us with.

Friday, September 25, 2009

This sign gave me a real chuckle

The sign on the bottom. I saw it in a couple of places around Kotzebue. It says $100.00 fine for littering. City of Kotzebue.............All I can say is hmmmm.
I am home. I had an amazing visit in an amazing village. If Tricia and Dave were to stay there, I would probably be up there as often as possible.
Thanks for the great week Tricia, Dave, Ben, Cooper and all of the amazing people I met in Kotzebue.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tricia and I went for a final ride around Kotzebue

tonight because I am leaving Kotzebue in the morning. I feel a little sad about it. Of course I want to sleep in my own bed again, but I have to tell you, I am back in love with Alaska.
I took pictures along the way. This first one is an accidental picture. I love it though. It is just a native man walking along the beach. We were actually down there watching the seals in the sound. The sound was full of them, but they were to far out to get a good picture.

The cemetery up on the hill again. I love it. It is so primitive, yet beautiful and serene. Standing on this hill and looking west, you look down onto the village and harbor.

My grandson Ben and I out on the Tundra. There were several people out there picking blueberries and low bush cranberries.This lovely lady was very agreeable to allowing me to take her picture while she was picking. She also stopped and showed me what she had picked.
She had been out there for about an hour and a half. She was trying to get a gallon picked tonight and is striving for a gallon every night this week. She also had blueberries in her bucket. She says she cooks them all together with a little sugar and then adds flour to thicken them. I did not think to ask how they eat them though.

Tricia is holding a handful of cranberries. We put them into the ladies bucket after we took the picture. Maybe our little contribution got her home a bit earlier.

My last Kotzebue sunset.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This morning I woke up

to blowing wind and snow. It was so cold I stayed inside all day. Spent the day cooking and starting to organize for Tricia and I to begin her packing tomorrow. I organized the boys books and drawers and did some packing in the bathroom. I also made Potato Leek soup for dinner.
Cooper had asked me to make him some Chicken Enchiladas so I made a pan of those and put them in the fridge for a dinner in a few days when things are hectic and there is no time for cooking. There was some left over chicken that I made into a Salad for lunch tomorrow too.
I do still want to see if I can go inside of the Container house they are building across the street.
They started putting siding on it yesterday and nearly have the roof on it. I am really curious to see how they plan to finish the inside.
I also have this picture I think you will enjoy.

It really means what it says. Not only look both ways, but look up also, there may be one landing. The road to the beach goes across the end of the runway, so you really have to be careful!!

I am planning to start home Thursday morning. Will fly to Anchorage have a short layover and on to Seattle in the afternoon. Unfortunately, I will get into Seattle right at the height of rush hour but my other option was late Thursday night, early Friday morning. That is to hard on Stan since he has to work on Friday so I am opting for the rush hour choice.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Today Tricia and I

got up early and caught a flight to Anchorage..........for lunch at Red Robins!! Now, now ladies, it really is no different than you driving an hour to say Seattle, or maybe St. Louis, or even San Francisco to have lunch with one of your friends. We just flew. We were back in Kotzebue by seven P.M.
We also drove by the home Stan and I owned when we lived in Anchorage, found the grade school the kids went to and drove all over Anchorage. My, how a city changes in 27 years. I recognized so many street names, but little of what was there. Occasionally I would see something I remembered from when we lived in Anchorage.
We also went to Costco and bought four pizzas and beer because Dave is having Sports afternoon at his house on Sunday. Kotzebue is a damp town, which means there is no alcohol sold here, but you can bring in a limited amount for personal consumption.
Yesterday, we went for a picnic on the beach.
This is an amazing picture I took of Kotzebue Sound. It is hard to tell where the water ends and the sky begins.

Tricia's friend Kathy built a raging hot fire for us, using pallets from the store.

While we waited for the fire to burn down, Ben and his friends were entertaining themselves with rocks. You know the boy thing with rocks and water.

Finally the fire burned down enough for us to roast our hot dogs. It was still very hot, I was trying to avoid the heat, yet get my hot dog cooked.

After the hot dogs, there were s'mores.


My son in law David had to opportunity to baptize my grandson Ben during the Church Service!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

View of Kotzebue through my camera.

Tricia, Cooper and I took a walk around Kotzebue. In no particular order these are some of the sights I took in. Enjoy

The Supermarket Dave works at and the reason my family moved to Kotzebue. They will be leaving on October 2 for Dillingham where Dave will have his own store.

Fish shack on the beach.
Fish Drying.

Hides curing.

A boat.

Moose and Caribou antlers atop a house.

Every house in this village is someones home.

Fishing nets abound.

A sled waiting winter.

Time out to throw rocks into Kotzebue Sound.

Kind of blurry, but it says Regular Unleaded $6.599 a gallon

Filling up the quad ( a preferred mode of transportation) and the boat.

If it breaks down or burns, you just leave it there.

A bright spot.

Snow Machines on top of Containers waiting the Winter Snows.

To keep the garbage out of the animals reach. No garbage cans, they just pile it into these hutches for the garbage men to pick up.

A view down the street Tricia lives on. Cooper on the bike ahead of us.

The blue thing with APL on it is a new home being built......from containers. There are three of them across so a total of 6 being used. They have insulated it between the layers and inside. I hope they will allow me to go inside and take pictures.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Sunset above the Artic Circle

Looking west across Kotzebue Sound.
A rusted abandoned barge on the beach at Kotzebue Sound

The cemetery on the hill above Kotzebue

The Village of Kotzebue from cemetery hill.
On Thursday night I caught a flight to Anchorage. After a six hour layover in Anchorage I caught the earliest flight to Kotzebue, a village 33 miles north of the Artic Circle. My daughter Tricia and her family moved there in April of this year. In two weeks they are leaving Kotzebue for Dillingham which is located about 320 miles southwest of Anchorage. This was my only chance to get up here before they transferred and I am very glad I made it.
I spent most of today catching up on my sleep. Tricia and I went out for a drive tonight and I hope to walk around some tomorrow and catch some more shots of the Village.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shaylene, #3206

Wants her gramma to show the world her dazzling smile. After three years, lots of money, several oral surgeries and appliances we have results!!

Shay was born with a birth defect that I cannot even begin to spell so I won't try cause I would probably steer you to another place of the body, but when she was born, she was not able to breath. She did not have nasal passages inside her nose. She was rushed to Children's Hospital in Seattle where they did surgery and put tubes into her nose to keep it open while it healed. When she got older and began to lose her baby teeth, there was not enough room for her permanent ones. We found out that part of the birth defect sometimes affected the mouth and she was one of the sometimes. She had to have several permanent teeth as well as baby teeth pulled to make room for the ones she would be able to keep. She also had to have the roof of her mouth split to reshape the inside. This is a very well deserved smile and I am proud of my Baby..........Good Job Peanut!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Last Week

When Stan was putting up the gates on our fence, he was attacked by an angry wasp. We looked all around trying to find a nest, thinking we must have invaded his space. We could not find a thing.
This week, we were trimming trees and bushes. I went out back and was standing on the deck looking up at one of the trees we planned to trim. Oops, what is that I saw!!!! A huge nest we could not see when we were standing in the gate looking up.

Stan got the hose and started watering it down. (See my pretty new gate in the background)

It eventually disintegrated and fell down. Since then I found out that there are people who will remove them for free. Apparently they are able to sell them for medical research. Never heard of that, but my brothers showed me the ads in the papers. Well, if there is a next time I may call them. For now, the nest is down and the wasps are looking for a new home.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I know Therese

posted a link to this artilce, here it is in full. Am almost cleared up now. If you received the e-mail, we are thinking it would be funny to reply with some sort of message about how you never liked me so why would you help me now. I got myself into trouble so I can get myself out.
My police friend told me that this is so common that they do not even try to track down these people. Actually, since they are in Africa someplace it is impossible to track them down or stop them. We just have to be alert to what is going on.
Woman duped in US-UK Facebook scam
(UKPA) – 2 days ago
A woman has been duped out of £2,500 after receiving a scam message through Facebook by someone posing as her real-life friend claiming to be stuck in England and in need of emergency funds, US police said.
It began last week when Grace Parry, who lives in Missouri, realised she could not access her Facebook account. Police say someone hacked into the account, posed as Ms Parry, and sent out messages saying she and her husband were being detained in London and needed money.
A friend of Ms Parry's got several of those messages, as well as a call from a man with a British accent who claimed to be an immigration official.
"He said the woman (Parry) and her husband were being detained and that more money was needed to fly them home," police spokesman Jason Selzer said. "She sent three different wire transfers to London."
Ms Parry, meanwhile, tried to warn Facebook friends about the false messages but was unable to get into her account. Her husband posted warnings about the scam, and Ms Parry has since suspended her account.
Ms Parry's friend, who wired the money through Western Union, notified police on August 26.
"I not only felt angry, but violated," Ms Parry told the Southeast Missourian newspaper. She worried that whoever hacked into her computer might also come to her door.
Ms Parry did not immediately return a phone message seeking comment from The Associated Press.
Mr Selzer said there's probably no good way for the woman who was scammed to get her money back. He added, "There's no 100% guaranteed way to protect yourself online."
He encouraged people to change their passwords often and to be careful about posting personal information.
Copyright © 2009 The Press Association. All rights reserved.
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Friday, September 4, 2009

The e-mail

Was scanned by a computer techie. He said there is no virus attached. Praise God for that much. Sorry to all of you who have received this e-mail. I assure you I am sleeping at home in my nice comfortable bed right next to my husband tonight.

I have been hijacked

If anyone receives an e-mail from me asking for ANYTHING, it is not from me. I have heard from a friend that he has received an e-mail saying I am in England and asking for money to help me.
My e-mail account is totally cleaned out!!! Do not respond at all. I wish I could put my phone # up here so you could let me know, but I am afraid to. I am also afraid of identy theft. I did have one sensitive e-mail on my account.
Pray for me!!!!Please!!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bloodmoney Trailer

How can I possibly keep something as important as this off of my "Fluff" blog. I hope everyone goes to see this.
Thanks to SewMelody for turning me on to it.

Ours is a very small town

Nestled near the western side of the Cascade Mountains. When we moved here 27 years ago, it had a population of only about 3,000. The main street was, and still is only one mile long at the most. It was the idyllic Mayberry. Everyone knew everyone and their business. If your child did something wrong, he heard about it from the person who caught him, who then called the parents to tell them what happened. Those days are gone, sadly. Our town now "boasts" a population of more than 16,000. The vast majority of new people are hard working family people who have moved out here to escape the city. Unfortunately, with growth comes a faction no one wants, the riff raff of society, the ones that just need to crawl back into their holes and stay there, we do not need or want them here.

On Tuesday, Brystan #2310 was downtown riding his bike with his brother Cannyn #2208. It is the bike (above) that he got for his birthday in February.
While he and his brother went into a coffeshop some low life drove up in his pickup, grabbed Bry's bike, threw it into the back and drove off with it. They saw it happen, but were totally unable to stop him.
So, to this neanderthal, I say...............go find your hole and crawl back into it. Arlington does not want you. You hurt this boy with your thoughtless greed more than you will ever know or care. I am sure you are the type who thinks we should pay for your medical too. Creep a--h--- cretin miscreant.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

He is a man of few words

I should be used to it since I have known him for 47 years and have been married to him for 44 of those years, but sometimes you just forget until something happens.

I have not been well for two months now. Actually I am feeling much better, but it has been a very long 2 months. I finally gave in about three weeks ago and went to the Dr. One possibility the Dr. suggested is asthma. In thinking back, I have had three bouts with whatever this is in the past year. Beginning at about the time I started caring for my mother. Her home is, very old and not so clean. There is mold growing in the windows and probably other places that are as of yet undetermined. She also heats her home with wood. My dear husband made the connection to the mold and being at mothers so often. Once he made the connection for me, I am able to put it together and realize that I get clogged up as soon as I go there. It is worse when she has a fire in the stove, which she does even if it is 90 outside cause she is cold.

So what does this man of few words do?
Another part of the story is that I have wanted to replace my bedroom carpet with hardwoods for the past 6 years at least. I come home with the suggested diagnosis and the next week he tells me we are replacing the carpet with the hardwoods!!! See post below.
Now the house is toxic and full of chemical smell because we did not use prefinished woods. It matches what we put in the living, dining, kitchen and hallway about 6 years ago. I have been gagging and choking whenever I have to go into our bedroom, but it is getting better. Fortunately, we have a bedroom downstairs, away from the fumes where we can sleep.
Since we could not be at home while the installation was being done, we took a mini vacation to Eastern Washington. We went to a small rodeo in a town called Waterville which is just east of Wenatchee. Fun times!! They had rodeo and horse racing running simultaneous to one another.
A rodeo event, then a race. We took our grandson Brystan #2310 with us. He had a blast too. I gave him my camera and he took pictures until there was no more space on my card and we had to delete some so he could take more.
We spent the night in Wenatchee and headed home on Sunday. On the way, we stopped at the Pinnacles between Wenatchee and Leavenworth, where Brystan and Papa climbed to the top.
I waited in the car cause my knees were hurting from the day previous. Again, Bry took my camera with him and loaded the card up with pictures.
I think we can say, it was a very fun and productive weekend for all involved.
There was Bronc riding,
Bull riding,

Horse Racing,
A bull that did not want to go back to the corral,

A happy boyA long climb

To the topAnd a view to the valley below.

Smudges on the picture are because DH does not know he should keep his finger off of the lens
I am thinking that instead of worrying about what he does not say, be more attuned to how he says it.
Thanks Stan.


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