Monday, August 18, 2008

We are back

from our week at the beach. It was very relaxing for me. Mostly I stayed around the resort and took it easy, but that is what I wanted. I want to post some very cute pictures, but will do that later.
Instead today I have to get something off my chest that is really bothering me.
I have a nephew who just returned from Iraq. I personally am a very strong supporter of what is happening, seeing that we have not been attacked since our President took a very pro-active stance with the terrorist. However, Thomas, having just returned and being discharged on the East coast made the decision to travel home very leisurely, crossing the States and going and enjoying whatever he desired. In New Mexico, his back went out on him. He went to the Veterans Hospital for treatment. They prescribed some potent drugs and tried to send him on his way. He was reluctant to take any drugs, because as a teen he had had some trouble with them. This week Veterans did surgery on his back, scraping out the disc between L4 & L5. (Being the wife of a Chiropractor, we will not go into what we think about that.) My beef? The day after surgery the hospital was set to release Thomas to a homeless shelter to recuperate!!! His mother was not available to go down to care for him so my sister is down there. She contacted one of our legislatures who contacted the hospital and made arrangements for them to keep him until she was able to fly down. They are now staying in a motel while she nurses him back to health. Is this truly how we treat our brave men and women who put their lives on the line for us? I hope it is the exception, but I am afraid it is not.
THANK YOU THOMAS GLEN HIGGINS for your service to our country.


Lindsay said...

I'm so sorry Evy - that is just the worst thing I've ever heard of. How messed up are our country's priorities? I'll pray for a quick recovery so he can get back home where he belongs.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Yep, and I don't think this is the most extreme example you will find.

Gina said...

I hear outrageous stuff like this all the time. Maybe if we got some of the crack head welfare whoes off thier fat- well you get the picture- then we could afford to treat our service men with the digity they deserve for the sacrifices they have made. It is all about priorities, and I am afraid the United States has them all wrong.
Thank you Thomas for serving for me.

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

Absolutely appalling. We live down the street from a VA. I am sad every time I drive past to take my little Meiners to preschool. So many have fought and sacrificed to keep us free and we don't take care of them. Don't get me started, Honey. Just know that my prayers are with this brave young man and his mama.

Anonymous said...

That is outrageous, but I'm not surprised! I'm afraid nothing will change, however, until American's start screaming and hollering in large numbers, and demanding a better system. God bless your nephew! I'll add him to my prayer list.

Debbie said...

That is so wrong!!!! At every level of human decency that is so wrong. Keep us posted on how he is doing!

The Nice One said...

It is so sad for me to say...I am not at all surprised. As the sister of someone currently serving "over there" I am terrified of how he is and will be treated.
I hope that everything works out for Thomas. Best wishes and THANK YOU.

Tulsi said...

My daughter is at a High School dance and I finally have a couple of minutes to "blog visit". My husband would love your blog. He has been home a year after serving in Afghanistan. My son is current at Ft. Sill, OK finishing Basic Training. We head to graduation in a couple of weeks(!!!!!!), and then he will be there for AIT. I am saddened at this story, as we all should be. I'm sorry he has had to endure this. On a flip side, my dad, who served in Viet Nam, has found really wonderful people to help him with some 'war injuries' an such with the VA in AZ. But it has taken him 40 years. I haven't been to WA state before, but if we ever moved out of UT, my husband has said it would be WA State. He goes to Ft. Lewis often. I'm glad I happened on your site.


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