Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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I have mentioned that my friends Msoshi, Rebeka and I are trying to go to Africa. Because of their refugee status, we have not been able to make the trip as of yet. In November of 07 they applied for permission to leave the US and be able to return. We have been waiting for that permission to arrive. This week they receive a letter from the Department of Homeland Security to send their passport photos in. They have to arrive to the Department before Monday. I was not home to help them so Msoshi did it on his own. Yeah for Msoshi!!! I do hope, however, that he sent them registered, two day delivery, with return receipt. I know he did not, but I can dream. Anyhow, we are one step closer to our trip. I am hoping that we will be leaving by late October or early November. We plan to be gone for one month. This time frame still gives us good weather as the rainy season does not start until February or March. Each hurdle we cross puts us that much closer to our goal, and more butterflies in my tummy. I love the thought of travel and know the Lord directed us to make this trip, but the unknown is so hard for me to face. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.


Anonymous said...

Just remember that God is not early or late--he is always right on time, down to the very second. And when he asks you to do something, he WILL supply everything you need--including confidence. You'll do just fine!

Lindsay said...

You can do it Evy - I am getting so excited for you. Hope you guys are having great weather at the beach!

Aunt Julie said...

Good luck in your travels and in pursuing your dreams!

Anonymous said...



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