Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy Birthday

JESSE #6111. Who is Jesse? He is my daughter Gina's first born. He is affectionately called a nerd, because he is and it is a good thing. We like nerds.

His favorite saying, he heard Bill Gates said something similar, is that someday all of the kids who make fun of him will be working for him. When he was seven years old he was doing algebra and square roots. We were flying to Disneyland for his birthday and I was giving him problems to work to keep him quiet, because he also tends to be a bit hyper, the lady beside us keep sneaking peaks at what he was doing. I asked her if she wanted to see what he was doing and she did. She could not believe the level of math he was working on. He also has a very scientific mind. He loves to experiment. His favorite TV channel is the food network. He wants to be a chef. I think that is fine. Alton Brown seems to have done OK for himself.
Jesse promises me that when he is 18 he will take me to Washington DC and walk all over with me. We will visit all of the historic sites there and in the surrounding vicinity. I only have to wait seven more years.
So Happy Birthday Jesse. I love you the Most!!!


Aunt Julie said...

Well, hey there, Happy Birthday to Jessie! We have a birthday over here, too--The Wild One turned 18 today, and I still can't believe it!

Anonymous said...

Perfect as a baby, and still perfect as an 11-year-old! Wow, time sure flies! Happy Birthay, Jesse!


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