Monday, October 8, 2012

We spent very little time in Fairbanks

Instead we made haste down to Denali State Park.  We were thinking we would take the bus ride up into the interior of the park. By the time we got there though, Stan's butt could not bear the thought of 8 hours in a bus.  Actually 16 hours since it is 8 hours each way.  Instead we opted to do the 15 mile drive that one is allowed to do in their own car. 

Unfortunately, we saw absolutely no wildlife inside the park at all.  I am sure they are a bit elusive in the heaviest traveled part.
We did, however see this amazing railroad bridge crossing the Chulitna River.

And a peak at the Elusive mountain.
If you look very closely, you can make out the mountain in the center of the photo, behind the clouds.

Of course, there is always the famous frost heaves to contend with as you are driving the highways and byways of the North.  Alaska and Canada.

Some of the pretty little flowers I saw inside the park.

After we left the park and headed in a Southward direction towards Talkeetna, we were treated to more of the beautiful, majestic mountain.
She truly is a breathtaking sight.

One of the most exciting sights we saw though, was this beautiful fox.  Our first.  I love the intensity of his eyes. He never took them off of me.  I only had a fleeting second to capture this photo before he ran into the brush.

It was a cloudy day and we never got a picture of the mountain without a cloud cover. But I think you can make her out behind the clouds and get a perspective of her size by the mountains in the foreground.
Tomorrow, we will spend our final days of our trip along the Peninsula.

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Roslyn said...

What a wonderful adventure Evie, I wish that I had seen more than a cruise can do but we loved it so much we are going again in June with our family to celebrate JW's grad from med school. None of them have ever seen any of AK so this will give them a taste & as it did us a hunger for more.
Hugs t you my dear.


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