Monday, October 15, 2012

Alaska 2012 Final installment.

One thing a person NEVER does is approach a wild animal.  She walked even closer than this.  I told Stan I wanted to leave so we did not witness her being trampled.  On the Kenai Peninsula, near Kasilof

I do not know what it is, but this was an amazing plant we saw all up and down the road along the Kenai Peninsula.

It was a very grey and drizzly day.  This picture is of the Homer Spit from a hill above the town.  The mountains are across the inlet from Homer.

Another picture from the same spot as the above picture.  Focusing in on the mountains and unknown island.

The world famous Salty Dawg Saloon in Homer.

After Homer, we drove to Seward.  Believe me, this was a hard trip but we wanted to do it all in one day as we were near the completion of our trip.  Would be going home in the next day or two. This picture is of the train station in Seward.

One of the old Hotels in Seward

Log cabin in Seward

The mountains that surround Seward.

At Portage Glacier.  I wish I could make my printer scan so I could compare the iceberg from 30 years ago to this one. Almost gives credibility to Al. Gore. 

Portage Glacier, itself, has receded up the valley by quite a bit.  I am sure with the passage of time, it will once again be the majestic glacier it once was. I expect my great grandchildren to be in awe of it's size once again.

The railroad tunnel at Portage.  You can drive through this tunnel at certain times during the day to reach  Whittier.

Along the highway between Girdwood and Portage.

Such a grey day.  This is taken of the mountains across Turnagain Arm.

The mud flats at Turnagain.  Never, Never, Never venture out into the flats.  People have lost their lives here.  The mud sucks you in.  It totally traps you.  It is virtually impossible to free you before the tide returns.  Has happened too many times.

Mt. Susitna, AKA Sleeping Lady.

In 1971 Stan and I moved to Alaska.  We stayed at this park just outside of  Anchorage with our four children. It rained all summer.  Not fun with four who are five and under and expecting number 5.  I vowed I would NEVER sleep in a tent again.

Never make a vow you cannot keep.
Stan and I drove a car up to Anchorage for a neighbor of our Daughter.  It was a great trip, but we think our future trips will be via air.

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