Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I forgot to mention

Before we left the Cassiar Highway, we took a side trip to Hyder Alaska

I think it was one of the prettiest parts of the drive. Glaciers came right down to the road.
 This picture shows how they kept the utility poles upright. Since the ground is permafrost, they cannot be buried in the ground, so they pile rocks around them.

There were many waterfalls in the mountains along the highway.

When our children were small, we would tell them that their Great great grandfather was Chief Run A Muck. I could not resist taking this picture.

One of the homes in Hyder

View down Main Street.
The only way into this town is either through Canada or by water.

A bridge that was washed out along the road.

Another waterfall.

Tomorrow, Mt. McKinley or Denali.  It was magnificent.

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Homestay Mama said...

That is certainly rugged country up there! But still very pretty. I don't think I could live there in the winter, though.


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