Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Trip to Montana

Was a grueling one. We left our home at 5:30 P.M. Pacific time. We arrived in Baker Montana at 10:55 A.M. Mountain Time. We are one time zone apart, so we drove non-stop, except potty and gas breaks for nearly 16 hours. It was hard, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. Today, the company the men worked for is flying the families to Washington State, about 50 miles north of me for the funeral of the final person. Yesterday they flew everyone to Utah for the second funeral. They are being amazing to the families. I know some people think they should be, but this was an accident, and they could easily take that attitude, but they have not.

My daughter and her youngest daughter Olivia went with me. A life saver, because I could not have made that drive alone.

We arrived at the church, like I said about five minutes before the service began. I was amazed....We were in the far eastern side of Montana and had seen probably six cars in the last 70 miles, but the church was packed. People, we, were seated in overflow in the auditorium to watch the service on a big screen. Mind you, we were in the town of Baker, which has a population of less than 2000. I think everyone was represented at the church.

The best thing about the service was that the Pastor gave one of the most clear Gospels I have ever heard. I told him later that if there were non believers in the audience, the only way they would not have heard the Truth, is if their ears were sealed.

Angie and I got a motel in the afternoon, after the service and we all three took a nap then went to the Gonsioroski ranch for the afternoon and evening. When we got back to our motel, we both layed down on our beds to watch a movie and relax. Olivia was playing with play dough at the table. At about 10:30 or 11:00 I awoke to Olivia patting my bed. She was standing beside it in her panties wanting me to bring her into bed. Such a good girl:}

We left Baker at about 10:00 A.M. on Saturday and drove around 600 miles to Missoula. Sunday we drove from Missoula to Arlington, our home. We arrived home at about 4:15 P.M. The trip was a little over 1100 miles both directions. Needless to say, I was dragging yesterday.
A Montana Sunrise. I have no idea where we were, somewhere east of Missoula and west of Baker. It was about 6 A.M.

Our first Motel. We had three choices in Baker. Main Street in Baker Montana really is Big Sky Country.Our motel in Missoula. Holiday Inn Express. Had a wonderful continental breakfast. I gave

the camera. She had a great time hamming it up. She also took some pretty good pictures out of the car window. HOME IS A GOOD PLACE TO BE.


Dawn said...

I love the pictures!! She is so cute and silly!

Rela Pantaleon-Manigsaca said...

Welcome back and take it sloooowllly....


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