Monday, September 15, 2008

I do not watch Saturday Night Live

so I missed this. You have to visit Lulaville's blog to see it. Click either place and it will come up. Hilarious to say the very least.


Melissa Lester said...

I hadn't seen that clip, so had to go see it. It was hilarious! Thanks for directing us over to Lula's to see it!

As for your questions on my blog, you have really cracked me up! So here are my answers:

1. Sleep -- Too little, too late.

2. And cleaning -- What time will company be here? Uh-oh! Time to back away from the glue gun!

Dawn said...

It was funny!

Kathi said...

I will go over and watch. Thanks! Kathi

Gina said...

I was snorting at my screen. It was so stinkin funny. And Tina Fey could pass as Sarah Palin anyday.

Elena said...

Thank you for stopping by Idaho today. (Although you got there before my Idaho post was up.) I laughed hysterically at that SNL video. It was great. And your Nobama Grandmama is hilarious!


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