Sunday, May 1, 2011

On Saturday there was a Blood Drive in town.

It was in honor of Elliott Carbajal who grew up in town and was murdered a year and a half ago.  His family decided to do something positive in the shadow of their tragedy.  They were able to donate his organs and since then have organized this blood drive.  This is the second year. Because of Hepatitis as a child, I am unable to donate so I bake cookies for them.  This year I made four dozen snickerdoodles, four dozen chocolate chip, four dozen oatmeal raisin and four dozen oatmeal raisin with nuts.

Of course Darius, #1419 had to get into the action too.  But before we got down to serious mixing,

He discovered his reflection in the mixing bowl.  Had to spend a few moment admiring the handsome boy smiling back at him.

He had just added the flour and was watching it as it mixed in.

Almost ready to add the Chocolate Chips

Once the chips are in, it is far to heavy to stir with the mixer

So, we had to do it by hand.

Sorry there are no pictures of the finished product, but I had to get them wrapped and away or I would not have had any for the Blood Drive.  
I have not heard from the kids how they did, but there was a large crowd when I went down to deliver the cookies.  I am positive it was a success.

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Frizzy said...

What a special memory you made with him. He's so blessed to be able to spend so much time with you. You are a blessing to so many my dear!


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