Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ahhhh.......Blessed Spring!!

Darius and I set our little tent up on the deck.  Since it was nap time, this is where he took his nap.
I did zip the tent flap closed after I took this picture so he would not get a sun burn.

After we picked Olivia up from school, we went down to the park.  It was just to fine a day to stay at home. We played at the park until the rude pre-teens showed up at about five.  I did ask them one time to clean up their language since I did not care for my children to hear it.  Shortly after I did  that, another parent, a dad, got angry with them so I just gathered the kids up and came home.
Darius trying to swing himself.  I gave him a push, then Olivia was telling him how to  pump with his feet.

Olivia's daddy has taught her how to pump with her feet.  She was really swinging!!

Gotta get my shoe back on.

Bumped her elbow coming down the slide.

Modeling the shrug Gramma made her.

One time down this slide was enough for him.  It was too small.

Olivia showing me how to swing around a pole.

Darius the daredevil.   At the top of the climbing structure.


Homestay Mama said...

Wasn't today gorgeous? I bought a new lawn mower yesterday, and mowed my lawn this afternoon. Had to go over it twice because it had grown so tall.

Love your pics--Darius and Olivia are very photogenic!

Anonymous said...

Great pics, I used to love going to the park when I was little :)
and I still love swings.

Becky said...

What adorable babies you have!! Love the pics! I hate that the teens have to use such awful language. It actually makes me sad. Hope you are doing well! :)


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