Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Since I have so many birthdays

through the year, I thought I would highlight the birthdays once a month. Was planning to post the last day of the month on whomever had a birthday that month. Already, I blew it. It is February 3 and I am late with my Birthday post.
So with my apologies to Shay, may I now, today, highlight her and her birthday?
Shay was born on January 12, 1993. Her family number is 3206, and believe me she has autographed many of Gramma's possessions with it.
Shay was born the year Stan graduated from Chiropractic College and was almost six month old when we came home. We rented an apartment right next door to her mom and dad. We were able to leave our doors open and she would crawl from her home to mine all the time. She was so tiny that her Gramma nicknamed her Peanut. She is still called Peanut by the family. When we came home, Amanda was three years old. When Shay would cry, Amanda would come over to our apartment and tell me to come get her and "look out the window" with her. Shay and I would look out our window and see what we could see. It always worked to get her to quit crying.

Today, Shay plays basketball for her school, Highland Christian School.

She is a cheerleader and,

She is so happy to be rid of her braces!!
Happy Birthday Peanut. Remember, Gramma loves you "the most!!"
Make your 17th year really count!!


Therese said...

happy belated birthday to Shay.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Shay!

Frizzy said...

Very sweet memories. Thank you for sharing them with us. My grandma always said I was her favorite granddaughter. Did I tell you until Yaya I was the only grandaughter? They have 3 grandsons. ;) LOL

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Shay!

Karyn @ Candarbry Garden said...

Peanut, it just didn't sound right when Pastor Ray said it though! Happy Shay Day! Why haven't we had any Birthday Parties this last year?


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