Monday, February 15, 2010

My week in Review

The hallway into the family room and my new laundry room doors.
The entry way floor. Trim for this job will wait until we are finished with all of the other changes. New doors and possibly tearing out the stairway wall. I am undecided on that one right now.
Signs of Spring, my big beautiful Poppy coming up,
My weeping willow with tiny little leaves.
My Lilac in bud.
My Curly Willow, still naked and stark without any new life.
This is a picture of a hat I knit for a friend. My camera did not catch the color real well. It is actually a purple cascade yarn with stripes of silk knit into it. I knit it a few weeks ago, but delivered it to her on Saturday.
The Noro hat I started during my grandsons concert this week. Finished it when I got home.
I love Noro, but it is a bit expensive for this project when I use it alone. Before I have mixed it with some of my stash yarn. It took more than one ball to make this hat. Fortunately I had some matching yarn that I had used in one of my stash hats.
This is from a cute pattern I found last week. I used stash yarn on it also. It is called Breeze. Unfortunately, I am having problems finding more of it and I love the way it knit up. Have a couple of orders for this set.
All three of these hats are from the same pattern, in the sizes available. The pink one is from stash yarn. I do not think I have enough to make the booties and mittens though. It is a size 12/18 month. Probably a baby that size would not wear booties any way. The white one is from Cascade. One of my favorite wools. I knit this one in 3/6 months. Have booties made but not sewn up. The purple one is the one I knit in Breeze. Size newborn. Very cute and knit very true to gauge with all of the different yarns I used. I love it when that happens and I do not have to fight with finding the right needle for the given gauge.
My brand new, barely two year old, refrigerator. The factory installed light bulbs are to hot and have melted
the pins that hold this dohickey up where it belongs. We have been waiting for a call from LG telling us what they are going to do to fix it. Actually, I think Stan is going to call them back again today. Stan says he can fix it, but I do not want him to. It is their fault and they need to make it right. We did not install light bulbs that are to big and hot.
The ingredients for this
sweet dessert I took to our friends house for dinner on Saturday night.
Darius, #1419 got to go to church with Gramma and Papa. I was trying to get a picture of him with his hands up dancing and singing, but he saw me with the camera and just stopped and smiled. You know a good blogging Gramma never leaves home without her camera.
These socks have been a huge hit!! I have orders for eight pair. I made these on Sunday.


Unknown said...

Wow! The floor lookd great, as does the knitting. Spring? Awesome! Not happening here for a LONG TIME! Need to find more time to crochet... I miss it...

Kris said...

Looks like you need a little more to do!

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

I love the tile pattern!

Fridge stinks. There are other words, but I'd actually like you to keep my comment.



Homestay Mama said...

Love your entryway/hallway floor and the laundry room doors!

Love the hat you made for your friend (me!) and now I'm ready for snow so I can wear it! :-) But alas, we are well into spring here, so I'll have to save it for next winter!

Love those little heart socks! I guess I'll be getting a package from you soon, eh? :-)

That was a scrumptious dessert you brought Saturday night. I weighed myself Sunday morning--I'd gained 3 pounds! But that dessert was worth every pound!

Too bad about your refrigerator. I hope you get a call from LG soon, but you better not hold your breath. Won't the dealer you bought it from send out a repairman? I think I'll go check out my fridge and make sure the same thing isn't happening to me!

Really enjoyed seeing you and Stan on Saturday. Looking forward to next month, dear friend!


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