Sunday, September 22, 2013


Dress A Girl Dress I made this week.  The top is crocheted by my daughter Karyn and I added the skirt.
This dress was sponsored for $15.00 about 20 minutes after I posted it on Face Book.  Thank you Katie Cunningham.

Dress A Girl dress I made last week.  I cut a toddlers T-shirt just 1.5 inches below the sleeve opening and added the skirt.  This dress was actually sponsored before it was made.
Thank you Claudia Cope

Looking North up the Swinomish Channel in LaConner Washington.  A sweet little town that is a delight to visit.

Looking South on the Swinomish Channel in LaConner Washington
The Rainbow bridge that crosses the channel in the background.

My Sister Jacque

A very favorite picture of my family.
Taken in December of 2011.  We knew Kris was sick and had a very short time left with us.
It seems once you fall out of the blogging groove, it can be difficult to get back in.  I am posting a few pictures of my life in recent days.  Of course they have been filled with caring for grandchildren and great grandchildren. I have squeezed in some sewing and spent one day cleaning my house with the help of my friend Rebecca.
My sister Jacque who is suffering from cancer has been at my house for the past week.  She generally lives in Seattle with one of her daughters. Last week she went to the hospital for a transfusion and they discovered she had pneumonia. After a couple of days in the hospital she came out here. This is the third time she has come and stayed a week with me because she has difficulty breathing in Seattle. She was very weak when she came out, but she seems to gain in strength. Having her here isn't any problem at all.  She can do most things for herself, spends her time in her bed or in the living room on the couch. The only added work is the small meals she needs through out the day. She will be returning to Seattle on Tuesday as she needs treatment again during the week. She was getting a bit stir crazy (a good sign) on Saturday so we took a drive North and West to the little village of LaConner.  It is a fun touristy town. It was a warm day and we took a very short walk along the shore of the Swinomish Channel. We both were pretty tired by the time we got home.
The web site for my Africa trip is up and running.   I have about 100 dresses I need to take pictures of and get loaded onto the site. The sponsorship program is going very well.  Since I announced it in early August, I have received $1000.00 in sponsorship.  Only $14,000.00 to go. I will be doing a presentation at my church this coming Sunday.
I included the picture of my family because it makes me so happy every time I see it. The way we were. It was a happy bittersweet day.  Knowing we would never have a complete family photo done again and being together as an entire family having a great day together.
Lunch bags my daughter Gina and I made for her children.

One I made for the neighbor girl for her birthday.
Now I have one in process for granddaughter Olivia.  Can't make one for Kate and not for her.

Isabella not appreciating in any way taking a bath in Gramma's sink.

A bag I made my friend.

It folds flat and to about the size of the little brown pocket on the front so you can tuck it into your purse for when you go grocery shopping.

New couch.  You can see where I tuck my laptop when I am not using it too.

So, probably I should head to bed as I know I have another very busy week ahead of me this coming week too.  Gotta get some much needed rest.
I will leave you with...........................................................
The obligatory shot of Pepper.
She lost her perch on the big comfy green couch.  I tried to make her comfortable on the table but she will have nothing to do with it.


Nancy said...

That is a great picture of your family, Evy. Everyone looks happy and joyful. I know you keep it close to your heart. Thanks for sharing all of your pictures! I love seeing life in the Pacific Northwest. Sometimes, I miss my old life on that side of the country. Your dresses are adorable. Whenever I run across knitting patterns (on Pinterest or Craft Gossip), I'm always tempted to send them to you. You are on my mind a lot. Hugs.

Betsy said...

Such a beautiful picture of your family. How happy it is!!!! Your dresses are so beautiful and will make some little girls so happy. The bags are great too. I wish I were a better seamstress.
I'm sure you cherish the time you can spend with your sister. The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place to heal.


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