Saturday, August 3, 2013


I was down in Marysville this week, so I took advantage of having no Grands with me to stop at Value Village.  Thank you Marlene for talking me into giving up my prejudice against that particular store. Now I can't stay out of if.  I think my pocket book may have been better off, had I not listened to you. 
Well, anyway, I have this darling little cookie jar that my daughter Tricia bought me several years ago.  I absolutely love it. I cringe every time a child touches it. I am so worried one of them will drop the lid on my granite counter and break it.  Oh the hold possessions takes on one! Anyway, there was a time it was nearly always full of chocolate chip cookies.  Not so much any more. My granddaughter Breanne still checks every time she comes over though.  I should surprise her and fill it up again.

So, at Value Village this week, what should pop out at me but this sweet tray to serve my chocolate chip cookies on!! Of course I had to have it!  It called my name and I could not put it down.  I think I may get a hanger and hang it on the wall beside my jar.  It is just too cute!
I really do like kitchy kitchen things. My cupboards are filling up and one day my girls will be going through it wondering why I ever bought the things I have poked away for my enjoyment.
I am just a small time hoarder.
I am planning a luncheon with my lady friends next month and I really do think sweet little treats on this dish will be a part of the table.


Betsy said...

Oh I LOVE your cookie jar and plate. I know what you mean about the empty jar. Wen our kids were home the cookie jar was always full. Now, not so much. I would eat them all!

Sr Crystal Mary Lindsey said...

They are soooo nice!! love the chunky look and colours. xx

Madeline's Album said...

I just love your cookie jar and the plate. The only time my cookie jar is full is during the holidays. Have a blessed day. Madeline

Roslyn said...

It is too cute for words. I used to have a cute cookie jar on the counter & one day one of my sons came over with the grandsons & found the jar empty. They left a note in it "what, no cookies? I am reporting you to the grandparents union" LOL,


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