Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dress a Girl Around the World

The underskirt of the twirl dress
Almost a year ago, I started sewing for an organization called Dress a Girl. It is a based on a concept that every little girl loves pretty dresses. We send them throughout the world, wherever there is need. Even in the United States. Every dress has a label on it with our logo. 

The thinking in this is that with a label, in countries where there is so much trafficking of little girls, the label tells a would be kidnapper or trafficker that this little girl is loved and would be missed. The labels are never hidden. They are always in a conspicuous spot. Lower left hand of the twirl dress as you are looking at it.  I have not put one on the bottom dress yet.
The twirl dress. If you look in the lower left side of  the dress, as you are looking at it , you will see the label.

The original dress began with a pillowslip. It was a very basic design and very easy to make. Unfortunately, I am easily distracted and soon became bored with pillow slip design and started experimenting with the design.
Like I said, what little girl doesn't like to twirl.  If you look closely, you will see the headband I made from left over fabric.

That led me to give up on pillowslips all together. They are still used by many sewers, but I found I was being "stifled" by sticking to them. I had to branch out.
I still have to add pockets and labels to both dresses. I will also add a bow to the neckline of this one.
So, I started doing lots of twirl dresses. Because I think no matter where the little girl is, she will love to twirl. These two dresses are made from a coordinating fabric. I had enough for a twirl dress and a simpler dress variation of the original pillow slip dress pattern.


Tulsi said...

I need to visit you blog more. I love this dress!!

Simply Delicious said...

Love the dress!

Betsy said...

I love this dress and the entire concept behind it. Since I do lots and lots of knitting/crocheting for charity it calls to my heart. And you're right, every little girl loves to twirl. May God bless you much for doing this.


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