Monday, June 20, 2011

Two Weeks Went By Far Too Quickly

We spent a morning with Aunt Jacque

Drawing murals on her front patio.

Played in a bouncy house at a park

Raced Olivia down the bouncy house slide

Had our faces painted

Climbed as high as we could on the climbing structure at Kyak Point.

Started up, but never quite made it to the top.

Jonah went with us to Kyak Point.

Tried to figure out how to get the ball that is not suppose to be kicked, out of the tree.

Gramma consoles herself with the knowledge she will see them in two weeks.
They went to Vancouver Washington to spend a few days with the "other" grandma before they are off to a week of summer camp.
The truth is, my main career goal has been to be the best Mother and then Grandmother I could be.  Not an easy task, but I think I have done a fair job of it.  It is such an honor that God has blessed me with the family I have.  I treasure each of them for the unique person they are.

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Frizzy said...

I have seen with my own eyes what a wonderful mom and grandma you are. The fact that you continue to work on it is more proof of your success. Your family adores you and that's the best proof!

Love you! I hope you'll let us know if you head this way. If you decide to do Yosemite you need to check on reservations at the park. I've heard first hand you need to make reservations a year in advance for camping!


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