Thursday, May 27, 2010


I absolutely love photographing the sky. I shot this picture of the moon last Friday night. I ment to go out and catch the full moon this week, but I think I missed it.
I took this picture of the sun setting, from my front window on Friday night also.
After I took the sunset picture, I went out to try to get some more pictures of the sky to the west of me, but I have to many electric wires that I cannot avoid.
I love the way the sun reflects off of the clouds.
On Monday, when I was at my mother's house, I was able to let Darius, #1419 outside for a while.
I do not like to allow him outside unattended because my brother Kevin has this lovely little gold fish pond in the front yard. I caught Darius on the waterfall part of it, going down to see the gold fish.
Actually I loaded the pictures backwards, and I am too lazy to change them. On the top picture, he is telling me to stop taking pictures. Here he is walking back up the waterfall, after watching the fish.
Just posing a minute for Gramma.
Sitting on the bottom "step" watching the fish.
Still knitting. This is a hat I finished this morning.
I made these three hats on Tuesday.
This hat is made from a cotton lycra blend. It is very stretchy and will fit a baby for a long time.
I actually made these a couple of weeks ago. They are 100% wool. Baby soakers or bloomers.
I mailed this pair of longies to my daughter Tricia in Dillingham today. She is sending them on to a friend in Kotzebue.
This was a special order for a friend of my daughter Angie. It is difficult to match the yarns sometimes. The socks are acrylic and the hat is wool. They actually match better in natural light than under my camera. garden. This week the Poppies bloomed,

As well as my Clematis. Now in full bloom
This Wisteria is growing up a tree just down the road from my mother's house.
It is actually overtaking this Cedar tree.


Homestay Mama said...

Love your art--photographs, knitting, landscaping and all! :-)

Katidids said...

What a sweet heart! Love your sunset photos, we call them Gods original artwork. Poppies! I miss them, they don't last out here and I gave up planting them. Thank you for that touch of home

Frizzy said...

Love your randomness. You are one busy bee my dear. I already commented about your moon shots on FB.

Dawn said...

Awesome pictures! I love the poppy. I threw some seeds in my garden this spring and I have one that is growing. Go figure..A whole packet of seeds and I get one. But I can't wait to see it bloom. You're a great photographer!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is a wonderful whisteria!!


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