Sunday, November 22, 2009

An Award

From my friend Lindsey @ Meet the Falkers. Usually I forget to pick them up and post them. I am always delighted to see that someone is reading me.
I think I am suppose to pass this on to some of my favorites now, but that is so hard because I have so many favorites. Usually, I play it safe and pass my awards on to my children because I love them so much and they are great bloggers. If you care to check them out and you have not, go to :
CanDarBry Gardens for crafty inspiration from my daughter Karyn
What's Next to visit with my ever so talented daughter Kris
It's my Crazy Life and I Love it, for a few chuckles with my daughter Tricia
A Handful of Life for the crazy goings on in the life of my daughter Gina
And The Only Son to meet my favorite son Bryan
I have one more daughter Angie, but she tells me she is to busy to blog. Silly her:)
Since they all know how much I love them and that I read them the moment they post, I will pass the award on to some of my other favorites.

Henya @ Chicken Stitches. Henya is a Russian immigrant. Once in a while she regales us with stories of the country of her birth. Personally, I think she should be writing a book, but right now she is busy raising six children and knitting up a storm. That is how I found her, by looking for other knitting blogs. Not only does she knit, she and I share very similar political beliefs. Big shock huh?

Namaste @ My Voice on the Wings of Change. Whom I linked up with by searching out other Women Conservative Bloggers. She writes what I think, but she knows how to put it into words.

Owais Zargar A young man living in India. He is a photo journalist and will take you on a tour of his country like none you have ever experienced in your life. He shows the pretty as well as the ugly in the part of the world he lives in. Sometimes I marvel that he is able to post some of the pictures he does.

This is just a sampling of my favorites. If you want to get to know most of the others, just scroll down my blog roll on my side bar. Everyone is not listed there because there is not room.
So once again Lindsey, thank you for thinking of me while you were handing out awards. It is always nice to be remembered.


namaste said...

hi there g 2 m! i am very flattered. thank you!

Grandma Elsie said...

You have a wonderful Thanksgiving . God Bless
Elsie <><

Karyn @ Candarbry Garden said...

I made another plastic creation, Hope to have it up this afternoon. Thanks for the mention. You are my favorite too!

Henya said...

Thank you very much Grama! I am so faltered! I do not know about the book, but I am having way too much fun blogging.

Karyn @ Candarbry Garden said...

I want to know how to do the linky thing where you put someones name, and if you click on it, it takes you to their blog... And I am working on a giveaway!

Henya said...

I am very late with my thanks. But I am surprised, grateful and delighted to receive this award. I love your blogs and often in awe of your courage and frankness.


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