Saturday, October 18, 2008

More Birthdays.

Three of my sons in law have birthdays this month.

First is Joseph, on October 18. He is the husband of Kris and father to Brandyn and Andrew.

Joseph is a hunter and fisherman in his spare time. He hates to sit still and you will often find him puttering in his huge shop. He is always productive and always moving. If he is not hunting or in the garage, Joe will be studying. He is always expanding his knowledge.

Next, on October 22, is David's birthday. He is Angie's husband. Amanda, Shaylene and Olivia's father.

David and I used to work together. That is how he and Angie met. I say he is the only son in law I got to choose. Did a pretty good job too.

David sings and often leads worship at his church or the churches of some of his Pastor friends.

Finally, on October 30, is Sebastian. Sebastian is Gina's husband and the father of Jesse, Caleb, Elizabeth, Abigail, and Jonah.
Sebastian is a mountain climber. Like Joseph, he cannot sit still for a moment.
He is always on the move. If not working he is out in the wilderness, whitewater rafting, hiking or climbing some mountain.
God has blessed our family with three wonderful sons, husbands, or brothers. No matter what you call them, they are the Best.
All three of them are God fearing men who are dedicated to serving the Lord and leading their families in the way of the Lord.
Now boys don't you tell the others, but you know I love you the "most."
You are each my "favorite."

Happy Birthday to you, I love you each for the unique gift you bring to our family.


Gina said...

Hello!? What happened to the post telling us you got to Dar Es Salam? I don't think you auto published because when I went in to fix something I didn't see any other posts waiting to auto publish...

Trish said...

She auto published..........
look at the time that it published.
Also, she wouldn't have those pictures with her, they are on her home computer.

But look at how techno savvy she has become!

Dalyn said...

Love your profile *U* Cute!

Julie said...

lol, I was surprised to see an entry from you while you are away... you are such a good mommy to wish your boys a happy birthday from afar!!


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