Sunday, October 11, 2009

It has been a quiet lazy kind of a day

So I finished sewing this up. It is made of 100% washable Merino wool from a pattern I found in an online knitting site. Debby, I think it is the same as your Christmas Sweater from last year, but am not sure. It went together quite quickly and I am mostly pleased with the results.
Now I have a pair of socks to finish and feel like I should knit up a winters supply of mittens. In a family our size, there never seems to be enough mittens, socks or hats. Better get busy.


Debby said...

It looks like the same pattern. I used the Helena pattern from Knitty for the Christmas sweater and plan to use it again. It was wonderfully easy, entertaining, and fairly quick. I really love the color you chose. That mint green has always been my daughter's "color". I brought her home from the hospital in that color. Now it's her daughter's "color".

Debby said...

I should have added that your sweater turned out beautifully!

Sarah - Kala said...

It's beautiful. It makes me wish I were a little girl again (so I could beg one off you). ;)

Darling, just darling!!

Katidids said...

That really turned out cute. I love the colors. Your right, mittens & socks just seem to disappear.

Anonymous said...

Hi GM, what clever fingers you have! my own Mum and Dear Mum in law knit and although I can knit, I havnt bothered as my Mum in Law knitted enough for a dozen people.My Husband used to laugh at how slow I was!Mum died in 1976 so never knitted for my children but Mum in Law (who is now unable to knit )is still with us ,Thank God. But now lives with one of my husbands sisters.( Definatley no politics here) but sadly I am no longer able to go on long hikes due to advancing osteo-arthritus, however if you ever come to wales we will show you some awesome places too!Thinking about how can i persuede my husband to visit Washington state?I am going to see if I can post some pics of stuff Mum (in law) knitted .

Grandma Elsie said...

Beautiful work. I love knitting children's sweaters , They go fast and you have a sense of accomplishment.
I have finished a pair of socks for my daughter and cast 2 pair for me on the needles.
need to get an afghan going for a long term piece to work on.
i go get the second shot in my back tomorrow. Waiting for hospital to call me now for time..
then I'm off to Tenn. this week end and on to Indiana with my brother till the 25.. No canning ...etc.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

What an adorable sweater!! Very impressive. And it "went together quickly"? Wow. Nice job.

Katie said...

What a BEAUTIFUL sweater! How wonderful that you have been given the talent and patience to make such lovely (and useful) items! I am sure your large family is so thankful for your hand-made gifts of love!

Julie said...

i love the color too, it is beautiful!


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