Monday, April 26, 2010

Just what did we get accomplished this week?

A few weeks ago I said we had taken the carpet up out of the family room in the basement of our home. This week we began the tile process. Our son Bryan did most of the actual laying of the tile.
It matches what we put down in our entry way a few weeks ago.
I really do not know why I come up with these "great" ideas, cause I do HATE messes.

The guys did get it all down by Thursday night. Stan grouted it on Friday. He was able to clean most of the grout off by Saturday. On Sunday I went downstairs and did a wet mop on it. Here Darius (#1419) got hold of my rag while I was doing something else. He did manage to get a bit more water on the tile than I intended, but I got it cleaned up with no serious damage.
The room is put back together by Sunday night. We need to paint and put up new trim. It will really be pretty then.
This view is into Stan's piano room which we decided to tile also. I want to tile the room to the left where carpet is visible. This is my sewing craft room. It would be nice to not have carpet in a room that I sew and sometimes drop pins in. It would also complete the flow of the tile.
In the front of the house, just off of the entry is a bedroom that is carpeted also. I am hoping to tile that room too. It would make the entire basement area of our home tile and so much easier to keep clean.
Just a few more things to do to make this 9 year old home live able:) Paint the entire house. The tile I mentioned above, as well as the two upstairs bathrooms. New trim throughout, as well as new white doors. Then if I really want to push my luck, I will ask to hardwood the two remaining bedrooms. By the time we finish, I will not be able to navigate the stairs any longer and we will need to sell it and move to a one level.


Anonymous said...

Very nice Evy. I wish we had family to help us with projects like that. If my leg does not get better, we may have to sell this place. The yard is too much for us. The weeding, and general maintance is too much for us and Dave is limited to what he can do.And I need to work to keep up with everything.

Homestay Mama said...

Nooooooo! Don't sell your house! It is becoming so pretty. Think of the stairs as your own personal stair stepper in your gym! They will keep you in shape and you'll live longer! :-)

That tile floor looks stunning. It will be nice when your sewing room is tiled, too!

Frizzy and Bird said...

Such positive thoughts! You're a spring chicken Evy! I love that tile and it looks beautiful!

Katidids said...

You can't move Evy, you wouldn't have the room for your family anywhere else! Love the tile, I bet is is much easier to care for

debi9kids said...

It looks fantastic! (I totally hear you on the messes! I start projects like that and my skin crawls the whole time because of the mess. LOL)

Grandma Elsie said...

Hello hello .glad you are still here blogging. Just dropping by to say hello and see what you have been up to. A lot of ...umm dust i think.

Sarah Oldham said...

Looks fantastic! Loads of hard work!

Lindsay said...

The tile looks amazing! Can I hire them???? LOL!


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