Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tea Party 2010

Karyn, Gina and I went to the Tea Party today. Karyn kept her boys out of school to go.
Gina's son Jesse (#6111) is homeschooled so he did not miss anything. We chalked it all up to Civics for them. The small print on Jesse's sign says, "Is this what my dad left a communist country for?"
We gathered at the train station before walking up to the courthouse. In this picture is Cannyn, (#2208) hidden, holding his sign. I'm prepared to defend. Jesse, (#6111) holding Red White and Blue sign. Jonah, (#6518) just being cute. And Brystan, (#2310) who put the Pledge of Allegiance on his sign.
I saw this man and his sign and asked if I could take his picture and post it. He was happy to pose for me.
The majority of us met at the train station, about 1/2 mile from our rally point. We walked up to the courthouse amongst plenty of horn honks. I did not encounter any negative reaction on the way up. When we passed the Cop Shop, there were about a dozen of them on the porch waving to us.
Several signs I found interesting.

I think probably there was about 100 people there. (sic) This picture does not include the people behind me or all of the ones on the plaza above. Actual estimation was between 6 & 7 hundred.
This was probably one of the most photographed signs at the rally.

Brystan and Jesse really paid attention to the speakers.
Jesse listening to one of the speakers.
Proof that every union man does not march in lockstep with the union thugs.
Police stationed at the rally to keep us under control.
John Koster, running for State Representative for the second district. My district.
Jonah was so happy when all the speechafying was over and he could play.
He did not have to go potty, I asked him.


Homestay Mama said...

That picture looks like more than 100 people showed up! Which is great!

Thanks for your post--my Athena died of cancer. My previous post told all about it.

Got an invite to a 'celebration' Sunday. Looking forward to it!

Frizzy and Bird said...

WOW! What a wonderful thing to teach your children and grandchildren about. No way to learn about freedom of speech than to experience it first hand and to exercise it too. LOVE YOU!

namaste said...

wonderful to see your grand kids in these pics as part of these events! jonah's pic and your comment? priceless!


Tulsi said...

I've not known anyone to be at a demonstration before. It was probably a good homeschool lesson.


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