Monday, April 19, 2010

Fun Busy Day

Lunch at Red Robin's today with my daughters. Angie, Darla (Daughter in Law) General Manager of our neighborhood Red Robin. Me, and Kris. Back row: Karyn, Gina and Tricia, who came down for a long weekend from Dillingham Alaska. Up there they call it going "outside."
Here we are waiting for our orders and enjoying the company. On the left is Shaylene, Karyn, Gina, Jonah and Angie. On the right is me, Jesse, Amanda, Tricia and Kris.
I am so full, I do not know if I will even be interested in fixing dinner for Stan. Maybe he will want a burrito.
Fun day girls, I love each of you for the unique person you have become.


Frizzy and Bird said...

Now who do you think is wishing she could squeeze right into the middle of that picture? ME! ME! ME! That's who!

Gardenia said...

what a beautiful family of daughters you have. and I love red robin too -- those bottomless french fries and their big burgers!

Julie said...

that is so awesome!

Sarah Oldham said...

I like eating at Red Robin's. They had them in Maryland . . . I miss the one downtown Seattle (that's where I'd grab a bite now and again). It's probably not there any longer. Who knows.


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