Monday, May 3, 2010

I almost let them slip by.....April Birthdays

Oops, I loaded them backwards:) Not going to take the time to change them either so in order of last to first, or first to last if you are talking age, above is Amanda Shaylene (3101) See her birth order? She is our third child's first child and our FIRST GRANDCHILD!! The one who started all of this. On April 21 this darling granddaughter of mine turned 20:) She is currently studying to be a Hairdresser. She was taking a test on this day, and I might add she got a 96%, counted down for time. I tried to tell her instructor she was slow because I kept stopping her for pictures. Didn't seem to matter. Well, in this gramma's book, she got 100%
Alysa Louise is my April Fools baby. We really had our hearts set on a baby boy. ( We like her though) When I got the call, at work, that she had been born, I beat feet up to the hospital as fast as I could to take a peek, I was sure they were fooling me. Sure enough it, she, was a girl.
Her grandchild number is 1307. Happy 16th birthday to you again Alysa.
Always remember, girls, Gramma Loves You The MOST!!


Frizzy and Bird said...

Happy Birthday to my fellow April babies. YAHOO!

Homestay Mama said...

Your granddaughters share their birthdays with two VIP's! Amanda shares her birthday with yours truly, and Alysa shares her birthday with my sister! Well, not the entire date, just the month and days. Unfortunately, my sister and I are no longer spring chickens!

You're granddaughters are cute! Happy Birthday, Amanda and Alysa! I wish you both the best!

Henya said...

Congratulations to you and to your very cute and talented granddaughters. Girls are wonderful.


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