Sunday, March 28, 2010

Update on Baby Grace

I went to my friends house for prayer meeting on Friday. We try to get together every Friday to pray for the world, Africa, and Congo in particular. They told me what happened to baby Grace.
She was about two months old. It seems the people in the Refugee Camp (Naryagusu) that they live in have been having problems with some type of parasite. Rebecca told me that they have told them that they have big bugs coming out of their throats. Baby Grace had gotten a severe stomach ache and her mommy took her to the Red Cross, they do not have a hospital, and they treated her but she continued to worsen so they took her to a dispensary hoping to get better treatment but she died the following day.
When she died, they were not actually in the camp. It seems that the other grandmother is still living in Congo and she had become very ill so her daughter and two other women made the trip into Congo to care for her. All three of the women had infant babies that they carried with them.
I tried to put this trip into perspective, as I am planning a trip to Washington DC this summer. First these women hired some men with bicycles to ride them to the border of Tanzania and Burundi. I think they are about 50 miles from the Burundi border. From the border they found a car to drive them to the Burundi, Congo border and from there they took a boat across to Congo.
I am planning to fly to Washington DC, but what if...........I had to ride my bike from my home to Montana, then find someone who was willing to give me a ride to Ohio and from there possibly find some other mode of transportation to get to Washington. I just wouldn't do it, I am sure.
They definitely do live a life totally different from ours. We are so blessed in this country, and it is a Blessing we have come to expect and not totally appreciate. One more thing to focus on during this most Holy of Holy weeks.


Tatersmama said...

Oh, how heartbreaking!
I guess we - as American women anyway - like to think that we're tough and resourceful, but we don't know the half of it, do we?

I'll continue to pray...

Julie said...

thanks for sharing. It IS something to think and continue to pray for them.

Homestay Mama said...

That is so sad! I know you are doing all you can. God bless you for it, Evy.

Anonymous said...

We must all count our Blessings! I will continue my prayers. Bless you Evt for all you do. I love you!


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