Monday, March 8, 2010

Another week gone

I love kites. I snapped this picture of a kite the neighbor kids were flying behind my house.
Arlington High School Jazzmine performance. My grandson Darian #2105 is directly over the soloists right shoulder.
This is a select group of kids who have to audition to be in the class. Darian has been in since he was a freshman. He graduates this year. He has been the main bass player for the four years, but his real passion is singing. This was their final performance of the school year. Now they will be going to regionals in California with their eyes and hearts on Nationals of course.
Can't tell you how much I love
Elizabeth #6314 and Abby #6315
helping Gramma get at least one layer of Winter crud off of her car.
A special order finished.
The suns' reflection on the clouds
to the East of me.
While the it was setting
to the West of me.
Thank you to my daughter Karyn for always keeping her eyes open for usable yarn when she is out junking.
And to Debbie for answering my plea for yarn to use for my project. There are lots of hats, mittens and socks in this box. Maybe even a little sweater or two.
And now it is off to my mothers for the morning.


Lindsay said...

Soooo, I can imagine you were as disappointed in the snow as I was this morning :/

Anonymous said...

I love the mauve primula and the perriwinkle. I have real primroses and also some perriwinkles but its going to be a late spring here so no flowers yet!

Homestay Mama said...

Did you get snow this morning? I heard we might be in for some this evening. But the sun is shining right now, so I hope they're wrong! But I remember many years of snow in March after the trees have budded! :-(

Lucky you to have grandkids! To entertain you and help you wash your car!

Your clouds/sunset pictures are beautiful

Sure liked the socks you knit for my grand nieces! Love your name tag you put on them, too!

Frizzy and Bird said...

I'm sorry I haven't sent my yarn yet. It's still sitting on the floor next to me. I'll be going to the PO this week to mail the socks you knitted and other goodies this week. I'll get the yarn in the mail then too.


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