Saturday, September 19, 2009

View of Kotzebue through my camera.

Tricia, Cooper and I took a walk around Kotzebue. In no particular order these are some of the sights I took in. Enjoy

The Supermarket Dave works at and the reason my family moved to Kotzebue. They will be leaving on October 2 for Dillingham where Dave will have his own store.

Fish shack on the beach.
Fish Drying.

Hides curing.

A boat.

Moose and Caribou antlers atop a house.

Every house in this village is someones home.

Fishing nets abound.

A sled waiting winter.

Time out to throw rocks into Kotzebue Sound.

Kind of blurry, but it says Regular Unleaded $6.599 a gallon

Filling up the quad ( a preferred mode of transportation) and the boat.

If it breaks down or burns, you just leave it there.

A bright spot.

Snow Machines on top of Containers waiting the Winter Snows.

To keep the garbage out of the animals reach. No garbage cans, they just pile it into these hutches for the garbage men to pick up.

A view down the street Tricia lives on. Cooper on the bike ahead of us.

The blue thing with APL on it is a new home being built......from containers. There are three of them across so a total of 6 being used. They have insulated it between the layers and inside. I hope they will allow me to go inside and take pictures.


Sarah - Kala said...

It looks really rough up there. I enjoyed your picture labeled "a boat". He he.

Dawn said...

Yep. Definitely no mall there. Mmmmhmmm. No Barnes and Noble. No sirree. Just a fishin' and a grinnin'. 6.59 for gas?! whoooweeeee! I will not complain again. I promise.

bringing up boys said...

I loved the little patio garden of course. I would have a really really hard time living there. Can't wait to see Dillingham through Tricias rose colored glasses.

Susannah said...

Fantastic pictures! What an adventure!

Katidids said...

Makes us appreciate the space & weather we have. More reasons to conider your purchases.Very stark but beautiful. Love the antlers!

Frizzy said...

Ok OK! I hear you loud and clear! I will not sit here and mope about the house I'm in another second. I bet your family are happy to leave but will also miss so many things about life there.

bringing up boys said...

did you get inside the container house?

IDS said...

Here are some updated pictures of the container house.

Anonymous said...

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