Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ours is a very small town

Nestled near the western side of the Cascade Mountains. When we moved here 27 years ago, it had a population of only about 3,000. The main street was, and still is only one mile long at the most. It was the idyllic Mayberry. Everyone knew everyone and their business. If your child did something wrong, he heard about it from the person who caught him, who then called the parents to tell them what happened. Those days are gone, sadly. Our town now "boasts" a population of more than 16,000. The vast majority of new people are hard working family people who have moved out here to escape the city. Unfortunately, with growth comes a faction no one wants, the riff raff of society, the ones that just need to crawl back into their holes and stay there, we do not need or want them here.

On Tuesday, Brystan #2310 was downtown riding his bike with his brother Cannyn #2208. It is the bike (above) that he got for his birthday in February.
While he and his brother went into a coffeshop some low life drove up in his pickup, grabbed Bry's bike, threw it into the back and drove off with it. They saw it happen, but were totally unable to stop him.
So, to this neanderthal, I say...............go find your hole and crawl back into it. Arlington does not want you. You hurt this boy with your thoughtless greed more than you will ever know or care. I am sure you are the type who thinks we should pay for your medical too. Creep a--h--- cretin miscreant.


Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

oh gramma. i'm so sorry.

love you for your passion.

sorry about that creep a--h---...what else did you call him??

he deserves to be called that.
and idiot, too.

FalkFamily said...

Poor kiddo - I tell you what, we are going to have to fight to get our town back. My experience of late suggests that nobody is going to do it for us :) What is wrong with people???

Thanks for your sweet comment. I know He is in control, and I just need to watch for the signs.

Julie said...

that is horrible, I am so sorry!

Ren said...

How awful!!! I just don't understand how anyone could do such things, especially to children!

Gramma 2 Many said...

Me either Ren. Today I talked with a lady in one of the stores who witnessed it happening. She said he was not some teenager, he was a full grown adult.
I hope his child enjoys the bike and he withers up with guilt every time he sees his son smile while he is riding it. The smile should be on my grandsons' face.

Cristie :) said...

I still can't believe this happened! And not even like at the "new" part of town..but the 1 mile of downtown! Really a horrible situation!

Gramma 2 Many said...

Almost directly in front of his Papa's office.

Grandma Elsie said...

The laws are enforced to protect the wrong now ,,, used to there would have been loads of people on that man before he could have gotten back into his truck.
No such thing could have happened so easily back in " the good ole days " .
Elsie <><

Adrienne said...


bringing up boys said...

Actually, he got the bike at the beginning of summer vacation. It is a $300.00 bike we found on craigs list for $100.00!!! The joke is on the idiot who stole it though, He left the $900.00 bike belonging to my husband! After all the back to school is finished and paid for, I will start looking for another bike. Timing is horrible though, I have very little business. The extras just aren't there.

Frizzy said...

I just don't understand how some people think the world is a candy store and everthing we work so hard for should be free for them to take at will. Ticks me off! All I can say is Karma (Sp) better bite them on the butt real soon!


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