Saturday, September 5, 2009

I know Therese

posted a link to this artilce, here it is in full. Am almost cleared up now. If you received the e-mail, we are thinking it would be funny to reply with some sort of message about how you never liked me so why would you help me now. I got myself into trouble so I can get myself out.
My police friend told me that this is so common that they do not even try to track down these people. Actually, since they are in Africa someplace it is impossible to track them down or stop them. We just have to be alert to what is going on.
Woman duped in US-UK Facebook scam
(UKPA) – 2 days ago
A woman has been duped out of £2,500 after receiving a scam message through Facebook by someone posing as her real-life friend claiming to be stuck in England and in need of emergency funds, US police said.
It began last week when Grace Parry, who lives in Missouri, realised she could not access her Facebook account. Police say someone hacked into the account, posed as Ms Parry, and sent out messages saying she and her husband were being detained in London and needed money.
A friend of Ms Parry's got several of those messages, as well as a call from a man with a British accent who claimed to be an immigration official.
"He said the woman (Parry) and her husband were being detained and that more money was needed to fly them home," police spokesman Jason Selzer said. "She sent three different wire transfers to London."
Ms Parry, meanwhile, tried to warn Facebook friends about the false messages but was unable to get into her account. Her husband posted warnings about the scam, and Ms Parry has since suspended her account.
Ms Parry's friend, who wired the money through Western Union, notified police on August 26.
"I not only felt angry, but violated," Ms Parry told the Southeast Missourian newspaper. She worried that whoever hacked into her computer might also come to her door.
Ms Parry did not immediately return a phone message seeking comment from The Associated Press.
Mr Selzer said there's probably no good way for the woman who was scammed to get her money back. He added, "There's no 100% guaranteed way to protect yourself online."
He encouraged people to change their passwords often and to be careful about posting personal information.
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Debby said...

I guess it's a good thing that most of our family and friends stay pretty close to home. If I got a message from England, etc I'd be skeptical. I'm sorry you had to go through this. I wonder when it will be my turn? Thus far safe and lulled into complacency(sp). Glad you're ok though.

Grandma Elsie said...

I have kids .friends who are on face book and it sounds like they all post a lot of personal info. Can I copy this message and email to them ?
Elsie <><

Grandma Elsie said...

Of course I never thought of it , I can send them the URL to your blog and let them come read for themselves. Elsie <><

FalkFamily said...

What in the world - so sorry - you must feel so violated. Glad you aren't stranded in England :)

The Only Son said...

A person should stop and wonder if this kind of crime is so common BECAUSE the athorities are too lazy, or concerned about filling their own back pockets, to try to track them down.

Gramma 2 Many said...

The Only son, I wonder if you have become so cynical because of the influence of your mother?

Glenda, saved by grace said...

O my Lord Evy...I wonder if its too late to put a stop payment on my check for $2500.00 that I sent to get you home?
I must be a REAL FRIEND, because I didn't question you, I just sent money...NOTTTTTTTTTTT. :)
Glad its all cleared up!

Henya said...

I also have got this type of messages. One has to be very alert.

Julie said...

i am so sorry all this has happened to you! I never got a message... thankfully.


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