Wednesday, September 2, 2009

He is a man of few words

I should be used to it since I have known him for 47 years and have been married to him for 44 of those years, but sometimes you just forget until something happens.

I have not been well for two months now. Actually I am feeling much better, but it has been a very long 2 months. I finally gave in about three weeks ago and went to the Dr. One possibility the Dr. suggested is asthma. In thinking back, I have had three bouts with whatever this is in the past year. Beginning at about the time I started caring for my mother. Her home is, very old and not so clean. There is mold growing in the windows and probably other places that are as of yet undetermined. She also heats her home with wood. My dear husband made the connection to the mold and being at mothers so often. Once he made the connection for me, I am able to put it together and realize that I get clogged up as soon as I go there. It is worse when she has a fire in the stove, which she does even if it is 90 outside cause she is cold.

So what does this man of few words do?
Another part of the story is that I have wanted to replace my bedroom carpet with hardwoods for the past 6 years at least. I come home with the suggested diagnosis and the next week he tells me we are replacing the carpet with the hardwoods!!! See post below.
Now the house is toxic and full of chemical smell because we did not use prefinished woods. It matches what we put in the living, dining, kitchen and hallway about 6 years ago. I have been gagging and choking whenever I have to go into our bedroom, but it is getting better. Fortunately, we have a bedroom downstairs, away from the fumes where we can sleep.
Since we could not be at home while the installation was being done, we took a mini vacation to Eastern Washington. We went to a small rodeo in a town called Waterville which is just east of Wenatchee. Fun times!! They had rodeo and horse racing running simultaneous to one another.
A rodeo event, then a race. We took our grandson Brystan #2310 with us. He had a blast too. I gave him my camera and he took pictures until there was no more space on my card and we had to delete some so he could take more.
We spent the night in Wenatchee and headed home on Sunday. On the way, we stopped at the Pinnacles between Wenatchee and Leavenworth, where Brystan and Papa climbed to the top.
I waited in the car cause my knees were hurting from the day previous. Again, Bry took my camera with him and loaded the card up with pictures.
I think we can say, it was a very fun and productive weekend for all involved.
There was Bronc riding,
Bull riding,

Horse Racing,
A bull that did not want to go back to the corral,

A happy boyA long climb

To the topAnd a view to the valley below.

Smudges on the picture are because DH does not know he should keep his finger off of the lens
I am thinking that instead of worrying about what he does not say, be more attuned to how he says it.
Thanks Stan.


Julie said...

so sweet and I pray that you start feeling better now that you might know what it is!!!! That is super fun you got to go on vacation and it just looks beautiful.

Katidids said...

Wow Evie, you have to tell us these things!! Glad to hear you went to get checked over. We heat with wood in the winter some, if the flue is not good and clean it can cause issues, larry gets all stuffy and wheezy...might be a simple (partial) fix to drop a chain down her flue and clean it out. Love your hardwood! Hope it defumes for you soon

Therese said...

So glad you seem to have figured it out! The hardwood looks fabulous, by the way! So happy you are taking care of yourself-I want this baby's bloggy Grandma feeling well! :)

FalkFamily said...

Yikes with the mold. Do you think it could be hurtin your mother as well?

Sweet, sweet man to take care of you like that!

Gina said...

I think I may have told you that several times this year. About Dad, not the asthma.
Wanna hire someone to do the windows? (Not me.)

bringing up boys said...

My baby really needed that time to be special. Thank you Grandma (and Grandpa)!!!

bringing up boys said...

My baby really needed that time to be special. Thank you Grandma (and Grandpa)!!!


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