Thursday, July 2, 2009

Continuing our "StayCation"

On Our way home from the beach, Sissy and I decided to stop at the park to play. It was such a glorious day, and we didn't know when we would ever get the chance again.
It took us a long time to climb those stairs, but all the children were doing it, so it must be worth it! This little boy almost stepped on us both times he passed us on the stairs.

Once we reached the bottom, sissy was afraid to jump off. The next child to come down the tube actually knocked her into the dirt. I will never hear the end of this..."My best dress...You know I don't like to go fast...etc. etc."

The people in the park all go to the same church, and were having some kind of party, so they invited us to join in. We tried the food. It was called PIZZA, and it was GRAND!

I cant BELIEVE we ate that whole thing! We had never had this kind of food at Evy's house. Sure, her grandchildren were always dropping food, but never this kind.

I thought Pizza was good, but once we had one of these, there is simply nothing better in the world! We tried all three flavors. Sissy liked the chocolate chip cookies, but I liked the oatmeal raisin.
Since It was still early, we thought we would try a few other things that everyone els was doing.
This thing was very popular, but we could not manage to make it work!

After Pizza and Cookies we were very thirsty. One of us (Me) had to jump on the button to get it to work, while the other (sissy) seemed to get all the benefits. Well, she also got very wet too!
(hee hee)
I think Sissy got the worst of it since she was still wet. These guys sure were friendly though.

When we left the park, we saw this place was still open, so after the water fountain fiasco, we decided to buy some lemonade.
Now it is back to the garden for us. Maybe tomorrow we will sleep in and fix up the house.
Evy may be at the happiest place on earth, but this place was nice too.


Julie said...

that was cute how you did that...and those cookies look so good! And I love the lemonade precious

Katidids said...

What I think would be fun is if we all could send some friends to play while Evy was gone....can you imagine her face when she returned and saw all the friends that moved in!?!?!?
Just make sure you ladies behave yourselves & do not leave any messes!

Katidids said...

Feel free to email me off list, I have a few friends that would love to come play!

Henya said...

This is very cute. What a creative person you are.

Homestay Mama said...

OK, Karyn. You must be the adult "chillun" that Evy can't trust with her password! But it's cute and creative, so I don't think she really minds! LOL

Lil Miss Red T-Shirt said...

Looks fun. I'm glad I'm not the only one who takes photos of my staycations. :)


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