Friday, July 17, 2009

to carry a

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Do you suppose because he knows he is dying, he was asking for absolution for murdering Mary Jo K? After so many years, I think he would need it from the Pope.
Speaking of dying, why doesn't he just follow the example they want all of us to follow and quit seeking further medical care and just go die?
Didn't he whose name I will not repeat just make a statement saying we have to know when to pull the plug and not be a drain on society? Not verbatum, but the idea. Kennedy could just be an example for us.


Katidids said...

OHHHH, But those rules are for the "other people" not them! Just makes me sick. I'm so glad people are waking up and seeing what hes doing/trying to do. I just hope its not to late!
On a lighter note, I love the lantana!

Homestay Mama said...

We knew all these things would happen once he got into office. But did anyone realize how fast the changes would come? I would love to know how many people are now very sorry they voted for him!


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