Saturday, February 14, 2009

Two Birthdays

Gramma almost blew it. There were two birthdays this week and I let one go by unacknowledged.
On February 10th Brystan Wesley (2310) turned 12 years old. Gramma is so sorry I forgot to highlight you darling.
I am also sorry I could not find a picture that was not so fuzzy. Bry is one of the most gentle kind young men I know. When he goes out to play with his cousin and his little girl cousin wants to tag along, he takes her under his wing and lets her do everything they do. Climb trees, slide down muddy banks, ride bikes. He is there with her and protects her from any harm. He never tells her no, he adjusts their play to include her. That is the way he is. Kind, gentle, protective and loves to laugh. Gramma loves you the Most Bry. You make me proud all of the time.

Today, Benjamin David (5114) is nine. You have never in you life met a more energetic lively and dramatic boy than Ben. His mother made the wise decision to enroll him in Christian Childrens Theater this spring. Gramma is waiting for him to soar to great new heights. He will command any performance he is in. Good or bad, that is just the way it is. Ben is good at getting in and taking over. He wants to organize everything and he is good at it.
He is also a fabulous cook. Ben lives further away from me than some of the others so I do not see him as often as I would like. He does come and spend a week with gramma and papa during the summer to go to VBS. It is a week we all look forward to. Cousins and gramma and papa. Always remember Ben, Gramma loves you the Most.
Happy Birthday to both of you. You are true gifts to this family sent to us from God.
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Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

Happy Birthday boys! Happy Valentine's Day too to you and your family my dear!

Homestay Mama said...

Happy Birthday, Brystan and Benjamin! Lucky you to have both been born into a large and loving extended family.

Chuck said...

They sound like great kids Gramma.

Happy Birthday to Brystan and Benjamin.

BTW, Brystan, my mother sometimes forgets my birthday ;)

Glenda, saved by grace said...

Happy birthday to 2 fine boys!
I love that you tell them " Gramma loves you the most"...I tell mine "you know your my favorite"

Susie said...

I hope hed had a great day:-)


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