Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How busy can one weekend be?

It began on Thursday morning when I went to Abby's school to watch her in her command performance as the Mayor of  WhoVille. 

To Friday when Levi became Levi Dallas Gae. Grand child # 6621.  All of our Grands have a number. The first number is the number order of our child.  #6, his mother is our 6th child. #6, he is her 6th child. #21, Levi is our 21 Grand.

On Saturday, the Gae family had Levi dedicated to the Lord and into the family.

Afterwards we partied!! Gina and her sister Karyn prepared a huge circus party for everyone. Included was the most popular attraction.................A photo booth!

Where Gramma could be silly with her bother and sisters............

And cousins could act as silly as they wanted.................

It did not matter if you were a big kid or a little kid.

Levi in his droopy monkey britches Gramma knit for him.  He refused to wear anything different on  Saturday.  He also wore them on Friday for his adoption ceremony.

To Resurrection Sunday when the family gathered for one more party :)

Dinner at our house is always a huge undertaking with at least 30 people attending.

We love each other and cherish our time together.  Especially in light of recent family events.

Cousins loving the beginning of the fourth generation in our family.  My great grandson  Jayce.
This was the centerpiece in front of the alter where Levi was dedicated.  I found it very poignant.  It pretty much told it all.

I noticed that this is post number 700! I never thought I would be around this long.......blogging, that is.
Have to have a give away to celebrate.
I do not know yet what the prize will be, but I promise it will be nice.
How do you win?
Comment, share, follow.  Let me know you were here and that you shared with your friends.That is easy isn't it? We will use the very scientific method of putting names into a hat and having a Grand pull out the name of the winner.
I really love hearing from you and hope you do not comment just one time, but that you come to visit often.  We can pretend we are sitting on my front porch having an old fashioned neighbor visit.
So come on, join in and let's get to know one another.
I will keep this offer open until Friday April 5. Closing at 6 P.M. Pacific time.


Debby said...

I caught up on your blog while having lunch and the littles were all down for a rest time. (the older ones don't sleep much anymore but they have to rest so that I can) I love that you call Easter "Resurrection Sunday". That will be new for me next year, but I'm going to try and remember to call it that.
I'm so glad your son in law and the boys are coming for Christmas and still want to be with you on the holidays. We have been blessed as well that we still see the kids several days a week while Mom works and on some holidays. It is getting less for holidays so I am grateful I still can do the daycare at least. Take care of yourself and walk your own path. It is a very very hard one with no end in sight this side of heaven.
Congratulations on a another beautiful grandchild. You have been blessed...21 of them.

Betsy said...

Another Grandchild! What an absolute blessing. I can't imagine having more than 20! I have three and want lots more! :-) I love the fact that he wouldn't take off Grandma's knitted monkey pants. My grandkids do the same when I make them something and I LOVE it.

You are so blessed to have your family closed by to meet together like you do. Ours are scattered to the four winds and we MISS them.

I'll post a link to this on my blog next time I post and I think I'm already a follower. I'll have to double check that!

Many Blessings and congrats again Grandma.


Anonymous said...

I am always here...you know that! Love you!!!

farmlady said...

Amazing family. Looks like Abby has star quality. Love her photo. I did the acting on stage at her age. Loved it.
Happy Easter a few days late. I was out of town with my family.
He's to being grandparents. It's worth every moment.

Madeline's Album said...

First thank you for visiting my blog and your nice comment. I will make this one of my favorites so I can visit your blog . Have a blessed day.

Anonymous said...

love to follow your post.
HAPPY Friday.
Visit from Blog Hop.
would be nice if you can link up at my blog.
Have a nice day.


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