Sunday, April 14, 2013

It has taken a while

I just did not seem to find the time to draw a name.  Olivia just came down to tell me hello. She lives about 8 houses down the block from me.  We took a moment and she put on these fingerless mittens I made and drew a name.  I want you all to know she wrote the names out herself so the spelling may not be exact but you can still tell who it means.
So without further ado, would the person whose name is shown on this picture please contact me with her address so I can send her the mittens Olivia is wearing?
Thanks for your comments and for following my blog.
Stay tuned, I may find another reason to celebrate sometime soon!


Betsy said...

Congratulations Madeline!

Thank you for hosting the giveaway and what a cute helper you have!

Madeline's Album said...

I can not believe I won. Thank you. Have a blessed day. Will send you my address. Madeline


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