Saturday, April 20, 2013

It is so cold and wet and dreary

But I am seeing some signs of spring.  Unfortunately, it is just to cold for me to go out in my yard to clean up the winter debris.  I am hoping and praying we get some warm soon.

My beautiful Cherry tree in full bloom.

I have never been real successful with my Hosta. 
Maybe this year.

My Clematis. A gorgeous white bloom with a very light lavender blush.  For some reason, it did not bloom last year. 
I am hoping it was just resting and will do better this 

What is more spring like than a boy in a tree?

Vinca under my swing.
 The gorgeous orange poppy my mother gave me years ago.  It has almost overtaken my yard, but I just cannot bear to pull much of it out.  I have given a few plants to some of my siblings, but to pull out just for the sake of being rid of them,  NEVER!!!

The miniature maple outside our bedroom window.
Oh, how I love Spring, the symbolism of the new birth and the promise of continued life.
It is God's promise to us of a continuation of His Creation.


Madeline's Album said...

The pictures are great. Looks like spring is starting there for you. We have been having nice warm weather but today it is a little cooler. My azaleas are all in bloom and they are quite pretty. Have a blessed day. Madeline

Betsy said...

Beautiful pictures. We're hoping spring will show up here on the East side of the Cascades this week. We're tired of the cold and rain too!

Debbie Jones said...

Hi - thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Wow - so neat that you have served as a missionary i Africa. I would like to do that with my hubby one day. I love your blog and am looking forward to following and reading more of your posts.

Annmarie Pipa said...

the cherry tree is so pretty! my favorite. the deer or bunnies eat our hosta every yr...
happy spring!

Faythe M.A said...

I can not wait for REAL spring weather either! my hostas that look like yours grow just about anywhere I have put them, shade & sun! I would love to have some of that poppys seeds to see if they would grow. I have a few 'heirloom' family plantings that I cherish too.


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