Friday, February 1, 2013

Blogiversary Give Away

I almost forgot to post this!! Bad Me.
I have a friend.  We "met" through our blogs. She has one of  the most interesting blogs I read. Her name is Henya. She grew up in Russia, moved to the United States as a teen and two years ago, she and her husband and seven children immigrated to Israel. Since moving to Israel they have added one more darling baby girl to their family.  Henya is a voracious knitter. She always haves something on her needles, no matter where she is, she has her knitting.  She even took several projects with her when she delivered her last baby. Even if you are not a knitter, you will truly enjoy reading Henya's "stories". They are stories about her life in Russia or Brooklyn and now Israel. Reading her now is almost like your own private travel guide. Your personal Rick Steves.
All of this to tell you, Henya is having a great give away. You just need to visit her blog to see how you can win. If you are not a knitter, and you win, I will be happy to relieve you of your winnings that you will never be able to use.  If you are not a knitter, and you win, you will still win because you will have found one of the most fun blogs in the sphere.
I am wandering now, so I just need to give you the link and you can go see for yourself: So without further ado, I present to you...............Henya at Chicken Stitches

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