Sunday, February 10, 2013


As signs of new life begin to appear around us. I am also celebrating God's promise of a continuation of life.

I celebrate the new life He blessed us just one day after he took our beautiful daughter home to spend eternity with him. Today, Isabella Katherine Rosebrook celebrates her one month birthday.

I marvel at Jayce, the beautiful healthy Great Grandson who in a different family would have been aborted as he was conceived against his sweet mother's will. She put her faith and trust in God and what satan meant for
evil, God turned into Good.

And Trynity my beautiful Great Granddaughter who came into this world fighting for her life. She spent 52 days in the hospital where wondrous miracles were performed to keep her alive.  When the Dr. released her he told my granddaughter, her mommy, that he had not expected her to survive her first week.
God is so good to us. He is the giver of all life here on earth and in Heaven.  As some of our closest family members begin to make their transitions into their eternal life, we here on earth praise Him for the new beginnings he has gifted us with.
BTW, the top baby, Isabella, is the bottom baby's, Trynity, auntie.

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Betsy said...

Such beautiful blessings from God. I celebrate their lives with you in praise to the Creator.


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