Thursday, February 7, 2013

Africa calling

Running through my mind lately is a stronger tug to return to Africa than has been there previously.
Diner car. Apparently there is not a walk way between cars. I don't think I would be leaving my car and jumping from car to car to get to the diner car.

Second Class car.

The Train

First Class. Bring your own sheets, bug spray and blankets.
Getting to Dar es Salaam is easy. From Dar to Kigoma though is another story. I do not want to pay $500.00 to fly. I can use the train as my means of getting there for probably around $50.00 and 45 hours. I would not do it alone though. It is dangerous. My friend in Dar said he would accompany me. I am wanting to go give some time at the summer camp he has started in Kigoma. He has started an outreach to the street children of Kigoma. Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and educating them in standard sanitary and health practices. Also educating them in AIDS.
Other concern is if my legs are strong enough to support me to squat over the hole when nature calls. Guess I better get out and do some walking
Tanzania by Train


Betsy said...

What a wonderful thing you would be doing to make this trip. How I wish I had the funds to make some mission minded trips. I did check out your other blog too. You are indeed a very generous woman. I give most of what I knit/crochet to hospitals and charities, but I never thought about selling it and donating the money. People always tell me I don't value what I do enough. Perhaps that is true.

I'll be praying for your concerns as you plan this trip. God can and will bless you and provide for each of those concerns.

I'm so glad we found each other, even if we are on opposite sides of the state!

Eresh Tchaku said...

I don’t think it sounds praiseworthy when we read about a late prophet’s bones that raised the dead. I think it would be better for prophets to pour out all they have before they go rest. Just my thought anyway!


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