Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May Birthdays and one June one.

May birthdays actually begin with Breanne (#1203) who turned 17 on May 1. For some reason, I cannot find a picture of her on this computer. It could be that she is not very anxious for gramma to take them. What ever the reason, remember Bre, Gramma loves you the most, she alway has and always will.May 9th Kris hit the big 40. I praise God every day she was allowed to continue her life here on earth. When you face the real possibility of someone you love so dearly going home, it does not matter how much lip service you pay to your faith if you are not willing to really trust Him and live it. Kris, I love you so deeply and do give all of the Praise to Him for still being able to hug you,
Gina, my baby, turned 3o something on the 28th of May. Here she is hugging Jonah, her baby, right after his preschool graduation ceremony. Gina was my rock the entire time we were in Georgia, sensing how much I hated being away from the rest of the kids, she was always there for me. Sometimes refusing to go out with friends so I would not be alone nights while Stan was working.
It did not go unnoticed G and I love you for it.
Today, Stan, my true Rock here on Earth, turns 64. We have been together in one way or other since we were 15 years old. We met when I baby sat for his sister and started dating on my 16th birthday. I truly hope that we see many more birthdays together, I love you and cannot even begin to fathom how I would manage if you were the first to go. (Sad that we have reached the age that that thought even is a possibility.)
Happy Birthday to Everyone!!:)


Frizzy and Bird said...

Happy Birthday to all your loved ones. I love how you honor each and every one the way you do.

By the way, I've told Scott he's not allowed to die before me or else! ;)

diddleymaz said...

gramma, if your a protestant you would be a loyalist and Ireland is peaceful at the moment Thank God, and let it last this time!


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