Sunday, June 13, 2010

How is it that one simple project leads to another

and another and another and..........Currently we are in the process of painting our cupboards.
When we moved the kitchen around and built new cupboards we could not get the finish to match as is evidenced by the above picture. Now just look at the miss matched colors, not the stuff piled on top. It is a remodel you know and things do get cluttered:)
Stan started by painting the insides of the cupboards. We chose a color called Gold Coast White by Behr.

Stan has gotten about 1/3 of the cupboards painted on the insides. Today, he sanded all of the doors and drawer fronts that are off. We will have to prime them next and paint them soon.
For those of you who are stressing because we are painting oak, be assured it is nothing more than builder grade material.
What is next? Paint most of the inside, new trim, new doors, paint the outside trim, sell, move.
That sounds good, sell and move. The house is really to big for two old people, ( just ask Stan)
and it is getting difficult for me to go up and down the stairs with my knees getting worse every year.
So, the plan? Sell the house, rent an apartment here in town. Stan wants to continue working so we need to stay here. Buy something in Eastern Washington. Stan can use it in the winter to go to and from the ski slopes. I can use it in the summer when I want to go to where it is warm.
Sounds like a win win, right? Wrong. I want a house. One that is finished and ready to live in.
(Granted this one was finished when we bought it, well finished except for the downstairs.) Stan wants to buy a cabin we can work on. See the difference? Cabin-house. I know there are beautiful cabins, but that is not in his plan. He wants one to fix up. He claims if we buy a house I will find a wall that is in the wrong place. I will. So why not just buy something we can put back together and save ourselves the taking apart part of it. My reasoning, with something finished already, I will not have as much trouble keeping it clean. Even in the midst of a tear down and rebuild. Oh what to do, what to do? Truthfully, I know we will get the cabin if we implement the plan. Stay tuned, this will not go away soon:)


Lindsay said...

I love the white - it looks kind of creamy. We are getting ready to start, but like you said, then it's the trim and the walls and the . . . And I can't help you with the cabin/house decision :)

Therese said...

looking great! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Gardenia said...

projects do have tht way about them -- morphing into other projects. I'm liking the gold coast white!

Katidids said...

Oh! Thats looking so fresh and clean! Not that your house isn't spotless any way but, it will look so fresh and great for resell. See, I would love the cabin to fix up. Just set a time line to have it completed! 18mo or something like that! Sure! Until you decide to change this or that LOL!

Homestay Mama said...

Your kitchen will look entirely different once the cupboards are finished. Stan says the idea for the color came after you came down and saw my kitchen! I feel honored! :-)

As for selling your home, I'm against it! After seeing you both this weekend and seeing everything you've done, I'm envious! I'm going to copy some of your back yard landscaping ideas.

Thanks for the branch from the corkscrew willow. I've got it in a bucket of water on the deck and am now planning how to incorporate it into a nice little cozy area similar to yours.


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